Sunday, January 31, 2010

Choke points

There's a road, not far from where I live, it gets busy because it's the most direct route from one part of Medway to another, there are other ways around, but non so convenient. Traffic stays pretty steady on it, never gets jammed or queueing except if someone decides to do some work on it. The problem is, all the other services (gas, water, electricity) run under the road as well, so it's often being dug up for one reason or another, there's also some ice damage there as well as a new housing estate being built just off it. So all it takes is one temporary 3 way traffic light and chaos descends on the area and the queues go back along the road and cross another roundabout blocking traffic in all directions.
Politics is a little similar to this in that the effects of past decisions can have a knock on effect or cause issues that seem to go way beyond what would appear to be common sense. With Labour it's distribution of wealth and also to an extent devolution. Distribution of wealth seem to make sense to socialists because as they all know the rich get richer off the backs of the poor (that they are completely and utterly wrong makes no difference to them) What tends to happen is that the minute the socialists start to squeeze, the rich go elsewhere, businesses and employers close, skilled workers leave the country and the system collapses as the money runs out, happens in every case, every time, it's happening in Venezuela now, despite their oil wealth, it's also happening in the UK as Labour spend themselves into an election defeat by taxing the bejeezus out of everyone who is employed as well as those that run businesses and employ people. Socialism only works till someone else's money runs out, the failure to grasp that is their Achilles heel, they point to the Scandinavian countries as examples, without taking into account how their system works, yes they have high individual taxes, but they have low business taxes to help create the wealth, something that those of the left in the UK singularly fail to do.
The Tories choke point of note, is the EU, it divides them and may very well cost Ding Cameron the election as votes are siphoned off to other parties who don't have issues with the EU (they want out, plain and simple) however as the Tory EUphiles currently control the party leadership to the extent that they do, a debate, never mind a referendum on the EU is out of the question, mostly because they know we'll vote to leave and the EUphiles can't possibly have that, they know best, not us...
That's where some of the choke points lie in UK politics, there are others, sometimes time will overcome them, sometimes not. However it doesn't take much to bring them to a head, bit like the road I was talking about with a lot of people wondering why they do it and wishing it was properly resolved.

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English Pensioner said...

I have several friends with children / grandchildren going to Universities abroad. The reason is that they hope to work abroad when they qualify, and they all take the view that international companies feel that UK qualifications are falling in standard.
The future potential high earners have already got the message.