Friday, January 15, 2010

That'll be the global warming then?

Climate change is not weather etc?


The CairnGorm Mountain ski centre in the Highlands will be closed for the day - because of too much snow.
After a two-day blizzard, the operators have had to bring in huge caterpillar vehicles and snow blowers to try to clear the approach road and the slopes.
Colin Matthew, operations manager at the centre near Aviemore, said roads were blocked by 15ft snow drifts.
He said parts of the funicular railway track up the mountain and the ski-tows had been covered by snow.
Mr Matthew said: "It has blocked our access roads with about 15ft of snow and further up the mountain the drifting has buried our funicular railway track in about 10 places, and the tunnel mouth, and some of our ski-tow towers are just sticking out of the snow."
Clear the roads
He said a major clearing operation needed to take place before it could be opened to the public.
"We had to contract in huge 17-tonne caterpillar earth-movers," Mr Matthew added.
"They have spent two days now working about 18 hours a day trying to clear the roads.
"We have got a single-track road up to our car park and we have to get snow-blowers in to widen the roads and make it two-way traffic before we get the public up."
The CairnGorm Mountain has been enjoying a bumper winter.
It has had its best Christmas holiday season in 14 years, with more than 8,000 skiers and snowboarders using its runs over a four-day period following Christmas Day.
 Like many others I'm wondering when enough weather actually becomes climate. It's mildly amusing watching the warmists bringing up evidence of this that and the other with various areas being warmer (oddly enough not that many) and telling us mankind is still to blame. However, I do get the feeling it's only the hardcore greenies now, those that have an interest in bringing down civilisation (aka socialists) and setting up their own communitarian dystopia with a small elite bossing around the downtrodden masses.
I expect climate will slowly fade into the background over the next year as politicians of all stripes drop it quietly from their agenda as the public mood finally catches up with them.
Unfortunately it wont be before the next general election so you can expect Jonah and Ding (Dave is not Gordon)  to keep rubbing our noses in their green environmental policies, until they realise we're not listening.

Still most of the snows gone from Kent though not all, I'm looking forward to the next batch, should be fun.

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The Boiling Frog said...

It'll be interesting to see if there's a particularly hot day in the summer, whether (see what I did there?) it will be put down to weather or climate.

Changes in 'weather' patterns was used as evidence of climate change in 2007 when there were predictions of a hot summer.