Thursday, January 14, 2010

Domestic stuff

The shower failed to work today, one of the elements appears to have burned out and tripped a secondary thermal fuse (non resettable please send your shower away for repair, gits) and irritated the heck out of me as I had to replace the whole unit.
Normally I try to go like for like or even manufacturer for manufacturer, at least the general stuff will work the same way.
No such luck this time, Gainsborough showers don't appear to be stocked by B&Q, Homebase or even Argos who are in easy reach of me, so it's Triton shower time.
1)  Drive out to DIY suppliers, pick up half price shower, things looking ok, so far.
2) Triton showers allow water plumbing from the top which is good news, bad news is it's the left side as opposed to the right, so, new hole in ceiling required.
3) Decided to fit chromed pipe too, makes it look professional, discovered that moving pipe to new hole required the shortening of the supply pipe, no 15mm olives in the house, out to plumbing suppliers I go (again) 10 olives at 18p each later I'm heading home (again).
4) Drilling tiles is an absolute nightmare, but careful use of electrical tape stops drill slippage so I'm on a roll now.
5) Plumbing in, no leaks, ceiling looks awful.
6) Electrics in, tripped RCD unit for some reason, my good Lady on pc at time, not a happy Lady.
7) All powered up, but rotary switch on wrong, thought it would only go one way, I was wrong.
8) It, works, it works, I am a hero again!
9) Ye gods tidying up is no fun at all, but a jobs not done properly till it's looking like you've never been there (or the cleaners have been in) Repaired ceiling too.
10) Forgot the lagging in the loft is fibreglass (ouch)

All done, never again, at least till the next time.

4 annotations:

scunnert said...

Well done you. I hate plumbing.

opsimath said...

Bet you needed a shower after all that ;)

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

Plumbing is the bane of life. Not least because we as a society completely fail to train up plumbers and are reduced to paying for those few who are reputable...who naturally charge through the nose given their increasingly rare specialities.

James Higham said...

Nightmare on QM Street - I can feel your pain.