Friday, December 18, 2009

Global warming my ..................


6 inches of snow, kids off school and the dog having the time of his life and creating a lot of yellow snow.
Yes I know that the warmists in their panic are now telling us that weather isn't climate (cept when it's their hot weather) but wow it's been fun today, bitterly cold (0˚c) snowmen, stranded cars, sleds, panic buying, snowball fights and a sense of joy too. Tonight I'll probably start on the Gluhwein a German hot mulled wine and very potent but perfect for winter evenings.
Will it last? Who knows, but perhaps we'll have the white Christmas that everyone dreams of and Bing Crosby will hit the charts (again)

Some days life is just a bit better for the weather and today is one of them. Tomorrow no doubt some idiot in politics will come to my attention and rant mode will go on. But today all is well in my England and I'm taking the dog out for another romp in a few minutes, he chases snowballs and gets a bit mystified when he can't find them in the snow.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

Oh, naughty QM; you must know that global warming was re-named climate change some years ago, when they actually discovered that there would be no new ice-age and no new global warming. They're just covering all the bases and we really shouldn't be so cynical.

I hope you have lots of fun with the dog and snowballs but doubt BC will ever hit No.1 in the charts again. Enjoy the gluhwein & thanks for the posts.

Anonymous said...

I was just noticing the same thing QM. Maybe the snow isn't as cold as it used to be?

Andy said...

I had a snowball chucked at me today and the snow definitely felt warmer than it did the last time I had a snowball chucked at me, back in 1987. Definite signs of "snowball warming"

Anonymous said...

The spectrum of vision for dogs is a little more towards the ultraviolet, relative to humans. Consequently, the fact that your dog cannot find the snowballs is evidence that not only is snow warmer than it used to be, but it is also pinker. We are experiencing an extremely damaging period of global pinkening.