Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes or No?

So, it's off, well according to Tim Montgomery of Conservativehome, a referendum on Lisbon is a non starter despite a cast iron guarantee by David Cameron back in September 2007

The Tories will NOT hold a referendum on Lisbon but seek a 'manifesto mandate' to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU

This piece has been written after conversations with a dozen good sources. It does not reflect an official briefing.
Unless Vaclav Klaus u-turns again, the Lisbon Treaty is about to be ratified. The Conservative leadership will say that, if elected, there’ll be no attempt to ‘unratify’ it via a referendum. Lisbon is not the only problem in our relationship with the EU, goes the argument, and it would be a referendum that cannot undo Lisbon. I’m 99% certain of this position having worked the phones over the last 24 hours.
 There's a lot of tooing and froing across at Conservativehome, but it mainly boils down to if you don't vote Conservative then Brown might get back in. Now that would be a disaster, however I doubt a Brown government would survive long, then again it might, but it will certainly focus the Conservatives on giving us a policy on the EU that people will vote for.
This issue on the EU is way too important to be left too a bland statement of  "we will not let it drop" if Lisbon is passed by the Czechs. Cameron might not want to let it drop, but he'll be ignored, railroaded, over-ruled and looked upon as a minor obstacle whilst Lisbon is self-amended without him being able to influence it other than having his government rubber stamp the decrees as they are passed down.
There's also a great deal of fear over what would happen if there was an in or out vote and the people voted out. Well here's some news for you, it wont make any difference if we come out other than taxes going down. The EU needs us to trade with far more than we trade with them. They need to sell us stuff and most UK products don't go to the EU they go elsewhere. 80% of UK trade is internal it stays here, the rest well can keep EU standards, but there are other markets willing to accept cheap quality stuff anyway. We're a world wide trading nation the EU isn't, not really most of its markets are internal and they sell to themselves, which is why they protect their markets with tariffs to prevent cheap imports.

We don't need the EU, they need us so we're better off out. Cameron and the Conservatives need to understand this and if it means a further spell in opposition, then so be it.

No referendum = No vote.

Listen and learn.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. The prospect of Labour gaining out of this issue boils my bodily fluids but Eurosceptics really need to push home this promise to Cameron:

No referendum, no vote.

James Higham said...

I think the chorus will get more vociferous as the election gets closer.

James Higham said...

I have just posted on the Telegraph announcement. The jellyfish has to be replaced NOW and a proper leader brought in who will put Britain first.

Sue said...

"if you don't vote Conservative then Brown might get back in"... or

"if you do vote Conservative, will it be any different?"

"if we end up having a hung parliament, will it be any different?"

Now is when we have to speak out..

subrosa said...

Why is everyone so surprised? Surely we all read between the lines of every tory's response in the past few months. Surely we're not all taken in by the extravagant body language from CallMe Dave?

subrosa said...

I'm off to put you on my blogroll. I wish you'd told me off for not including you before now.