Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winning a battle, but losing the war.

One of the things my parents told me quite early on in my life was that if you have to resort to insults or violence to try and make your point then you've lost the argument.

So, I read this blog post by Iain Dale with interest and paid particular interest to the comments from the EUphiles on those of us who think Cameron has made a mistake/sold us down the river.

"A Referendum Challenge To My Readers"

Half The Story said...

Just left wing trolls & right wing euro-wingnuts.

Queer bedfellows.

Alan Douglas said...Judging by the hugely increased number of "I hate Cameron" posts yesterday almost immediately AFTER he spoke, the trolls have had this one planned for some time.

Alan Douglas said...Your headline should have read

A Referendum Challenge To My Trolls

Knut said...
Quite right! I am sick and tired of the petulant whining coming from the troll squad.

johnwillman said...I commend James Higham's post as the perfect example of a wingnut view.

Lady Finchley said...
Unfortunately nothing will shut up the euro-bores. Like all one issue fanatics they are selfish and blinkered. Most of them are retired and prosperpous and they don't give a monkey's about anybody else. UKIP, like the BNP has absolutely no other policies so UKIPers - here's the door!

canvas said...Iain, It's a hopeless cause - these foaming at the mouth old skool Tories will never act reasonable.

Toby said...but the hilarious thing of this all, is that every tard saying 'waah wahh i'm now voting UKIP' hasn't the SLIGHTEST clue just how the kippers will manage their feat of pulling out the EU.

cherami said...Guido Fawkes

Surprised to see you joining the wingnuts.

norman said...Let us get this clear. It is not only UKIP Euro-bores

Nice to know what those who favour the EU really think about those who favour democracy and do not believe that the question of Europe is best left to our betters in Westminster and Brussels. The fact that the EUphiles have to resort to innuendo, insults and disingenuous twists to justify what Cameron really meant (as opposed to what he actually said) to fob off those like me who saw this as a betrayal shows the paucity and weakness of their case. They know were it to come to a referendum they'd lose hands down which is why they were delighted that "Call me Dave" said no and churned out a lot of meaningless rhetoric about never again, knowing fine well that if the EU has its way then there's not a thing he could do about it.

The EUphiles are trying desperately to get everyone to focus on the Cast Iron statement to avoid the questions on what now, because they know in their hearts that if people do start asking what now, then they lose. The fact that they have to resort to insults shows they're losing the argument anyway.



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scunnert said...

The spewings of the self righteous, gloating over their defeat of the democratic process. That lot will be perfectly at home in the EUSSR.

James Higham said...

Yes, you're right and that's why it is the truth that the Tory Party is two parties under one banner at the moment. That's why it needs what is actually beginning - the forces of real conservatism to band together for the way of life which any sane person should supposedly want - the type of thing we blog about.