Sunday, November 15, 2009

Airbrushing the wanted posters

This is a photofit of the Nightstalker, he was was responsible for a string of burglaries and sex offences dating back to 1990.
The attacks have taken place in areas including Dulwich, Orpington, Norwood, Downham, Lee, West Wickham and Bickley.
Detectives described the arrest of the man early on Sunday as "significant".

The Metropolitan Police have had a DNA sample of the nightstalker for 12 years, but have never found a match on the database. Forensic investigations have shown he originates from the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. But despite a huge manhunt and the lure of a £40,000 reward, he has never been caught.

Am I missing something here or does this guy in the photofit look amazingly white, anglo saxonish and definitely not Afro Caribbean?

Politically correct wanted posters, whatever next, they really do think we're thick don't they?

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Anonymous said...

He looks like the latest Dr. Who.

Edgar said...

Black people don't commit crime in this country. Black people don't fiddle benefits in this country. Black people don't even drop litter in this country. What nice black people we have. Not at all like the violent, depraved white guy depicted (actual criminal colour may vary).

JPT said...

Spot on mate - I've blogged about the self same thing tonight. It's a bloody discrace.

Anonymous said...

My favourite bloggers have already described the phenomenon of 'people of no particular appearance'.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they couldn't find him.i am curious to see what he does look like.

Anonymous said...

DELROY - Ah, got it now. Spot what difference a tiny clue can make, Mr Plod?