Friday, October 30, 2009

You gotta pick a pocket or two

Incredible triumphalism from our overlords at the EU in wonderful wonderful Copenhagen today. They have agreed to rob us of our hard earned cash to hand out to other non EU countries so they can buy huge Limo's with air conditioning for their dictatorial leadership.
Never mind the fact that the UK is still the only first world nation in a recession, never mind the fact that not one of them thought to ask what the ordinary people really think about them extorting with menaces (yes that's what it is, you try not paying up and see what happens) This is just another naked grab for our money that we have come to know so well from the political elite that make up the fundamentally undemocratic EU.
The EU agreed climate change would need 100bn euros ($148bn; £90bn) a year by 2020, and would pay its "fair share", conditional on other nations.
UK PM Gordon Brown said the EU was leading the way with bold proposals.
Talks at the EU summit in Brussels had been deadlocked over how EU nations would share its costs.
A coalition of nine poorer EU nations had threatened to block a deal unless richer countries paid more.
I'm not going to get into the idiocy that is climate change, other do that far better than I do, nor the economics of having to find more money to give over to those who haven't earned it. What I do want to know is what's going to happen when the scales fall away from peoples eyes and the truth over this colossal waste of  time, effort and grand larceny that is the political wing of the lets use global warming to fleece the proles movement.
Will the money be paid back? (stop sniggering at the back there) Will the various agencies be disbanded? (Yeah right!) And will taxes go down to what they should be without the environmental levy paid out by an increasingly sceptical electorate? (The EU takes, it does not give)

I suspect the EU's days are numbered because of this, sooner or later one of the countries that make up that corrupt organisation is going to say enough is enough. I hope in this at least the UK leads the way back to a mutual trading block and not a political boondoggle for second rate politicians with Machiavellian tendencies.

Interesting to note that the Arch Enviroloons (aka Greenpeace) don't seem to think they've gone far enough into our pockets, which isn't surprising as it isn't coming out of their pockets.
Joris den Blanken of environmental group Greenpeace, said: "[The EU] failed to use this opportunity to put its money where its mouth is.
 Funny how it's the EU's money, they never seem to track back far enough to realise that it's our money and that some of us although being in favour of recycling and not polluting the environment are not in favour of handing over cash to third world dictators to fund their lifestyles (do you honestly believe that much if any of the cash will reach down to where it might make a difference?)

Where is the political party in the UK that will sort this out? The Tories won't, they can't, their hands are tied by EU legislation that binds them (another Labour legacy for our children) The public seems brainwashed into voting for either of the big 2 and both are pretty much the same on the EU and are totally out of step with what the UK public want over the EU.

It's time to leave, we know it, but they wont do it. So vote for someone who will.

3 annotations:

James Higham said...

The tensions within the EU should be enough to see it implode and all the slime flow out to the sea to pollute it and kill the fishies.

scunnert said...

An excellent post and well argued. One point only - it was the Tories who took the UK into the ECM and, with the aid of the other Tory party, kept us there.

Quiet_Man said...

Yes the Tories history on the EU does not give me a great deal of confidence in their future conduct. I do at times wonder just what hold the EU has on MP's, it certainly doesn't have the same sort of allure to the ordinary person on the street.