Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ye Gods! What on earth can they be thinking/taking?

According to a YouGov poll, only a third of the electorate wan Tony Blair to be the president of the EU.

Fewer than one in three voters want Tony Blair to be the president of the European Union, an exclusive poll shows. 

The Daily Telegraph/YouGov poll comes amid signs that the former premier's bid for the new European job is set to end in failure.
At an EU summit in Brussels yesterday, Gordon Brown – who is now publicly campaigning for his predecessor – accepted that Mr Blair, once the overwhelming favourite, may lose out. “It may not happen,” Mr Brown said.
After all he's done, the lies, the deceit, Cherie Blair, the wars, the betrayals and not to mention the handing over to Brown the fate of the UK (did I mention that, damn) Cherie Blair, Doctor David Kelly, the corruption, Cherie Blair, spin doctors, the Al Yamamah arms deal, Bernie Ecclestone, Cherie Blair, cash-for-peerages, BAE's arms deal with Saudi Arabia, postal voting, asymmetric devolution, the making of the English second class citizens in their own country, multiculturalism, political correctness, oh and his Mrs. Cherie Blair too and still one third of the electorate would vote for him??????????????

I truly grieve for my country tonight.

2 annotations:

Barking Spider said...

This country has some really hardened idiots, QM, like the 23% that would still vote Labour!

John M Ward said...

Well, O eight-legged one, in the latter case they are largely Labour's deliberately-constructed Client State, who can be effectively blackmailed into voting Labour (or at least NOT voting for anyone else) for fear of losing their benefits or their cushy public sector non-job.

However, the "Blair for EU Presidency" one is indeed a different matter, and is probably because all the alternatives are foreigners to those polled, and that might be the only reason they are going for Blair as "one of ours".