Friday, September 11, 2009

When the lights go out.

Seems the Beeb might finally have twigged, even if the guy telling them is an idiot greeny who still has faith in wind turbines. This is despite them not working when needed or necessary (hint the coldest days are usually windless)

The government's new energy adviser says the UK could face blackouts by 2016 because green energy is not coming on stream fast enough.

Ministers have previously denied that the UK is heading for an energy gap.

But David MacKay, who takes up his post at the Department of Energy on 1 October, says that the public keep objecting to energy projects.

This, he says, is creating a huge problem, which could turn out the lights.

Professor MacKay is a researcher at Cambridge University.

His recent book, Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air, won applause for its examination of current government plans to keep the lights on whilst also cutting carbon emissions.

It concluded that policy is moving in the right direction, but the sums on energy provision simply do not add up - not enough power capacity is being built.

Speaking unofficially, he told BBC News that this meant that Britain could face blackouts in 2016 - when coal and nuclear stations are phased out.

This is a direct result of Labour policy, their so called green credentials are now shown to be worthless. Wind Power and alternative (carbon friendly) power generation are still a pipe dream. This problem should have been tackled properly back in 2003, instead we got this waste of time and effort and the worst thing is we can't even build the necessary capacity between now and 2016.

People are going to die and die quite horribly because this New Labour government has seriously fucked up our energy future. They'll be out of office soon, but their legacy will live on for some time to come, they've practically bankrupted the country to the state that even if we could build the new power stations in time we couldn't afford too.

For those who fear the worst take a look at this Numberwatch tale, it's quite chilling.

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