Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shifting the blame.

I really didn't want to make this post, others (Letters from a Tory and Leg Iron) have done far more eloquent and incisive contributions to the subject.

However when Labour's John Denham tries to shift the blame from the riots in Harrow from those who caused them onto those who were simply protesting (as is there far, expect changes soon as this government tries to stop any legitimate protest other than from one of their cherished groups)

The riots were caused by Islamic youth, whipped up by the UAF (aka the Union of fascists by several bloggers who've seen these brownshirts in action) and not, despite the idiot Denham's comments by EDL as they had cancelled their march and weren't present. Ironically this was also the excuse dreamed up by the Nazi's to justify their actions after the Reichstag fire. A sort of blame the EDL for being the EDL.

Fortunately (or unfortunately in the Governments case) the pictures and commentary in the MSM do show exactly who the masked rioters were and they obviously weren't the EDL or Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) both of whom had planned peaceful demonstrations. They were in fact caused by Islamic youths attacking the police.

Denham and Labour (indeed all lefties) need also to stop bandying such terms as "Fascist", "Racist", "Homophobe" and "Islamophobe" about too, you see they just don't work anymore. The ordinary man in the street looks at what has happened and sees the commentary and thinks well if they're (insert abusive title here) then so am I. Nor will any sort of campaign, during the autumn to address the sense of alienation and disaffection some people are feeling work. People can see what's going on and no amount of government doublespeak will make a bad situation better. Nor will labelling the EDL as right wing work. They clearly aren't right or left but very single issue on the subject of the English being sidelined by successive governments who seem to have taken them for granted.

Blaming the EDL for the riots in Harrow is both misleading and counter-productive. It's not them who are to blame for this situation, nor is it the fault of the Muslims. The fault can be laid entirely to rest at the feet of the government and their failures to control mass immigration as well as to integrate those we took into mainstream society. The mainstream are now waking up and it is about to get ugly and this government is to blame.

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