Monday, September 28, 2009

Says it all really.

Peter Mandelson quoted from his speech at the Labour Party Conference.

Lord Mandelson attempted to breathe life into a subdued Labour conference today by insisting that the party could, like him, return from apparent oblivion and triumph again.

The business secretary, in his first speech since his surprise return to government last year, admitted his own trepidation at being invited back into government as he set out his vision for a fourth term.

"Electorally, we are in the fight for our lives," he told Labour activists. "But if I can come back, we can come back."

"I came into politics to help remake the Labour party as a party of government. My relationship with Gordon was formed when people said we'd never form a government again.

This is the man who in 1998 had to resign for corruption.
This is the man who in 2001 had to resign for corruption!
This is the man responsible for two decisions whilst an EU Commisioner to cut aluminium tariffs that had benefited Oleg Deripaska's United Company after a holiday in August 2008 on Deripaska's yacht at Taverna Agni.
Who billed the taxpayer for almost £3,000 of work on his constituency home in Hartlepool less than a week after announcing his decision to stand down as an MP.
Who despite a previous disinterest in Digital Britain was persuaded of the need to try to reduce illegal file-sharing after an intensive lobbying campaign from influential foreign people in the entertainment and banking industries including a junket arranged by DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen at the Rothschild family villa on the Greek island of Corfu.
He's an unelected Lord and not even accountable to the electorate.

And they gave him a standing ovation?

They must think we're idiots if they think a Labour government will ever get back into power in the next generation or two.

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