Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The great debate

So, our glorious leader has bitten the bullet and intends to have a public debate with "Call me Dave" and possibly the Lib Dem bloke who's name always escapes the public's attention.

Oh, hang on a minute, he wants lots of debates, not just about the election but about everything!!!!!


Gordon Brown is ready to debate with David Cameron on TV not just during the general election campaign but before it, the BBC understands.

He is thought to believe debates will highlight the choices facing voters.

But the BBC's Ben Wright said he understood a TV debate will not feature in Mr Brown's keynote speech to the Labour conference on Tuesday.

The prime minister is expected to announce in his speech a new crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Ok, so why now? I mean back on the 3rd he said:

"We're not talking about an election at the moment, we're talking about how we deal with the policy issues. I've always been prepared to debate people... always prepared to join in a debate. I've given more statements to the House of Commons than any Prime Minister I think in the time I've been there, about the public issues of the day. Well, we'll deal with election issues when we come to discussing elections; but for the moment the most important thing is we have a public debate about the big issues."
I think we can hazard a guess though, running scared is the one that springs to mind with me. The polls have not been kind over the last year or so and Gordon really need to make an impact on Cameron in the public's view. Yet this is a massive gamble, he's not known for his nimble mind, his ability to think and talk off the cuff. he's also opened himself up to being called a liar outside the Parliamentary rules.

His only advantage as far as I can see is "Call me Dave's" total inability to score an open goal when faced with Gordon in the past.

Hell of a risk though.

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