Friday, September 18, 2009

Panic amongst the favoured

A chill must have settled across the bones of those who suckle from the governments largesse with taxpayers money over the last few days. The C word was at last used by the Prime Minister and those that have become used to an unending stream of funding are now looking over into the abyss

First off was the Public service unions doing what they do best, threatening not to work if their jobs aren't protected.

Gordon Brown was threatened yesterday with strikes and stoppages, as union action caused rubbish to pile up on the streets of Leeds and a postal strike crippled deliveries across the UK.

Speaking at the start of the four-day TUC conference in Liverpool, union leaders, who collectively provide 70 per cent of Labour’s funding, warned the Prime Minister that he must protect jobs and help the lowest-paid, or face further industrial action.

You have to wonder if they know that there's a recession going on...............oh hang on a minute, these are not private sector workers after all, so they probably don't. Should come as a very rude surprise for some of them then when the inevitable squeeze hits.

Next you have the watermelons greenies.

Green groups have urged Britain's political parties to match their spin with substance by including firm pledges on the environment in their election manifestos.

Although the parties have maintained their commitment to green issues despite the recession, campaigners fear that the huge deficit in the public finances may force cuts in spending on tackling climate change and improving the natural environment.

Again another group who really need to wake up and smell the coffee (freetrade naturally) This recession is going to hit public finances like no other in living memory, the government have been overspending and building up massive amounts of debt and these people still want there economically non-viable windfarms built just so we can freeze to death in a few winters time when the power stations close and the wind doesn't blow. Another rude surprise heading that way I'm sure.

Charities too are starting to stir over the dwindling pot of goodies.

As part of a global climate change deal to be agreed in Copenhagen in December, the rich world is being asked to come up with billions of pounds to help developing countries cope with global warming. The money would be spent on helping poor countries adapt to increased risk of flooding and droughts.

Next week world leaders will meet at a UN Summit in New York to discuss where the money will come from and how much should be put aside. However aid agencies are becoming increasingly concerned that the money will be diverted from existing funds to help countries deal with poverty, child malnutrition, Aids and other issues.

First off, sorry but unless this charity work is being done in the UK then I'm not interested at all, they can go to hell in a handcart. Next, get out your tins and collect, stop taking my tax money to pay for your projects, you didn't ask me and neither did the government. If I want to give that's my choice, not some faceless bureaucrat or deluded ministers.

The next government? Well someone's going to have to grow a pair to deal with all this, I wonder if "Call me Dave" will still be PM in 2 years time (assuming the Tories win), or whether the velvet glove will have been replaced with an iron fist.

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