Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh yeah, that's racism.........................not!

The socialists are getting desperate again with their attacks on Dan Hannan. The Mirror leads the way and it's pathetic.

"Barack Obama has an exotic background, and it would be odd if some people weren’t unsettled by it. During the campaign, he made a virtue of his unusual upbringing. He was at once from the middle of the country (Kansas) and from its remotest edge (Hawaii). He was both black and white. He was a Protestant brought up among Muslims. He seemed to have family on every continent. Like St Paul, he made a virtue of being all things to all men. On one level, the strategy worked brilliantly. But it could hardly fail to leave a chunk of people feeling that Obama wasn’t exactly a regular guy."

Now to an ordinary guy this looks (and is) entirely innocuous, for one thing it's quite true about President Obama's background and yes compared to the average Joe it is a bit exotic, after all neither of my parents had even been abroad when I was born. But to imply racism? You have to wonder just what it is that Sunny Hundal, the Alex Smith and Tom Watson are smoking/injecting. I mean a lot of people admire and respect Hannan, but he's not in line to be the Tory leader yet (2 years time who knows)

It's become the favoured technique of the benighted Labour party.

If you cannot win an argument against someone, shout "racist" at them. Just more labelling that doesn't work anymore.

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James Higham said...

It would be nice to think that those who voted for Brown would now wake up to Nu-Labour but I fear it is not so.