Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why leave?

Ok, Every country has people leaving, and people coming. Not everyone is happy with his or her country regardless of where they are in the world; this is not something unique to England.

But was is clear is that large numbers of native-born English are leaving or wanting to leave England, is much larger then ever before and while I could not find proper statistics its suppose to be in the 100,000’s every year. And much higher per 1000’s than most western nations.

So why are people leaving? It is rather depressing when you think about it; I am sometimes left thinking I am going to be the last one left. Now according to some TV show on BBC 25% of all people who leave England return within 2 years but regardless of how many realise what a mistake they made the fact they leave says something.

I mean where did we go wrong? Has multiculturalism failed? Because if I am brutally honest fuck multiculturalism. Differences do not unite us, by there very definition they can’t. How on earth can we feel united or apart of a group of people who are so different to us? Now this isn’t a bash at multiculturalism but it just seems that even the basic building blocks of how our society works is failing and set to fail. If we want to feel as a group or apart of a group we need something that unites us as group, multiculturalism doesn’t do that, so its no wonder nobody feels England has no identity because the truth is it doesn’t anymore, because there is nothing that unites us anymore. I mean look at Canada and America, they handle immigration much better than England. Because they have forced their national identity on people coming into those countries and as such they all have something in common, which is the national identity. We don’t seem to do that in England out of fear of something, racism maybe.

When I sit down and list what is wrong with this country; I come up with something like this:
Too many people, the division of the classes, high cost of living, working everyday just to chase the bills, the M25, no sense of wellbeing, feeling like an outsider in your own country, generally miserable people, driving anywhere, a government that finds a new way to grind you down everyday, the constant bad news, the 'English Pub' no longer exists, somewhere safe for my kids to grow up, knowing that however hard you try - it will always be taken off you by politicians, the lack of identity for the country we grew up in that has somehow slipped away, stamp duty, death duties, red-tape, people that win the lottery and don't do anything with it, celebrity fixated media, reality tv shows, road rage, air rage, trolley rage, price of fuel, antagonistic Muslim clerics, spiralling crime, speed cameras for profit, congestion charges, the price of train travel, the lack of manners or courtesy, untouchable criminals aged 9 to 15, public transport, the general state of politics all being in the middle ground, chavs, state spongers, corrupt politicians, loss of civil liberties, I could go on, and on, and on.

These are not all views I hold by the way, these are just reasons that people all seem to complain about. But when you look at that list, it does seem very overwhelming and how on earth would you even go around fixing it? Just through simply voting how on earth could one hope to even be able to fix half of those? It seems every half-arsed attempt to fix these problems falls flat on its arse. And it’s no wonder then when you think about it why people are........well jumping ship.

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