Saturday, August 22, 2009


Amazing where your thoughts and conversations go when having a few beers with friends and attempting to put the world to rights.

It's not a joke, as they seem to be determined to do it some how or other anyway. September 11 and the various atrocities/attacks afterwards was a direct result of western interference in ME politics, specifically the continued use of US bases on Saudi territory, mixed in with the rage and humiliation felt by Moslems from Morocco to Indonesia over the current situation of the Palestinians. Indeed a lot of people (not just Moslems) honestly believe that the Palestinian situation does represent something more than a squalid border dispute, and believe that the problem represents an almost diabolical
aspect of Zionism, which explains why a lot of people have fallen into the trap of believing anti-semitic fantasies about heinous Jewish crimes and world domination and can't seem to get their minds to think about anything else.

To go directly back to the ME you have the problem of Arab nationalism, this is a unique blend of 1930’s Nazism anti-semitism and Cold war Communist/leftist anti-zionism combined with a desire by the various tyrannical leaders of the area to unite all Arabs into one huge power block to challenge western dominance. Nazism was brought into the mix by the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one Haj Amin al-Husseini, indeed he was visited by Adolf Eichman in Palestine and spent the war years in Berlin heading a Nazi government in exile and training Moslem troops in Bosnia in the art of genocide. Communism was directly responsible for the setting up of the PLO in the 1960’s and after the Baddawi conference (1973) headed by a KGB agent (Yevgeny Primakov) introduced terror as a means of destabilising the west.

This combination of Islam and Nazi/Communist Socialism is currently fuelling much of the present dispute in the ME and still draws western interference in the area through well meaning but ultimately doomed attempts to bring some sort of control/stability to the area. Such is this toxic amalgam of beliefs that Arabs see any withdrawal from this area as a retreat and Israel sees it as a betrayal.

This is of course only one aspect of the whole problem, there are Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Maronnites, Copts from Egypt, native Sudanese all with an axe to grind against the various regimes that currently dominate the area.

The only way out of this whole quagmire is to simply develop alternatives to oil withdraw all civilised forces and let them sort it out themselves. Take a leaf out of the French, German, Russian and Chinese books and sell them all the arms that they can afford because they are going to fight anyway. We might as well profit from their idiocy.

When the dust is all settled and the map redrawn then we deal with the victors in whatever manner they desire.

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