Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Standards

nWell, it's that time of year when the multiculties declare to the world just how wonderful and vibrant "Inclusive Britain" is. Yes it's carnival time where the Afro-Caribbean community get to strut their stuff to the world.

Notting Hill Carnival:

Last year there were there were 220 arrests, nearing the 238 figure recorded a year ago And by the last night, there had been 160 allegations of crime, making a total for the weekend of 270.

Police had been on high alert after rival gangs taunted each other over the internet saying they would attack each other at the carnival. Two teenagers aged 14 and 17 were shot and another man was stabbed as violence marred the end of the celebrations.

Police estimated that around 4,000 officers had been present in Notting Hill over the carnival period. This included 650 British Transport police on trains and at stations using mobile metal detection arches.

Sniffer dogs were at 20 key stations which revellers used to travel to west London.

Public funding given.
Police costs £3,000,000!
£8.7 million pledged by London Development Agency and the Arts Council to provide a Notting Hill carnival Enterprise Centre!

Now I'm sure you could make a case that this was small fry compared to the one and a half million visitors the event gets and the event certainly has an international presence.

So lets all bear this in mind the next time some politically correct council decides that because of the "threat of violence" a St Georges day Parade should be banned. After all at Sandwell, there was not one reported instance of any disruptive incident.

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Michele said...

Well said - it's amazing they can say that about St George's day with a straight face. Please keep the info handy ready to use for rebuttal next April

James Higham said...