Monday, August 31, 2009

The best way to go about things?

Interesting headlines in the BBC today, apparently the Scottish Parliament are going to debate independence (again)

An independence referendum and minimum pricing for alcohol are among the bills to be introduced at the Scottish Parliament in the coming year.

The Scottish Government confirmed they would be among 13 bills brought forward in the SNP's third legislative session.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the people of Scotland had a democratic right to have their say on the issue of independence.

The programme will be debated by MSPs at Holyrood on Thursday.

A referendum on independence was a key SNP manifesto pledge before the 2007 Holyrood election.

A year later former Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander challenged the SNP to "bring it on".

Personally I can't see this getting very far, not with the furore that the "Minimum pricing of alcohol" bill will produce (It might take the SNP a while to figure out that what they propose is illegal under EU rules though) Now the SNP have made themselves rather popular in Scotland over the last year or so since forming a government there so you have to wonder just what on earth they were thinking about producing a bill like this? It frankly smacks of political suicide, prohibition never works, never has, never will. You make booze too expensive and people will brew their own or turn to other (probably worse) alternatives. It also will make the political party pushing it very, very unpopular.

So, you have to wonder if the SNP are actually serious about independence, they say they are, but if they go about it this way then I have my doubts about there sincerity. After all the best way to bring the public onside with you for any cause is not to piss them off by supporting something that will cost them money.

It also seems fair to me that if the Scots are to be given a vote (assuming the bill takes form) on independence, that the English should likewise be given a vote too, seems fair enough to me.

Can't see the UK government allowing England to go on its own though.................

4 annotations:

James Higham said...

Eh? I thought they already were independent.

Quiet_Man said...

What they think and what they actually are, are two very different things James. No doubt they want their freedom from the UK, but I don't think this is a smart move.

James Higham said...

Faith in the EU never is.

scunnert said...

As a Scottish Nationalist (living in Chatham Kent ON) may I say that the SNP have some silly ideas - like continued membership in the EU and increased immigration - as well as more expensive booze. I'm coming to the opinion that they are a Trojan Horse party operating on behalf of MI5 to derail independence aspirations.