Friday, July 25, 2014


The campaign to outlaw alcohol appears to be gathering pace, rather than deal with irresponsible drinkers using existing laws, successive governments have taken to increasing the duty on alcohol (leading to smuggling and fake products) and talking about minimum pricing. They've used various fake charities and medical groups to support their methodology until we've reached the situation today where anything unusual involving alcohol immediately draws a response from so called do-gooders.
A LANCASHIRE school has been slammed for commissioning and selling a beer for two extra-curricular events as part of its centenary celebrations.
The Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School (BRGS) commissioned the special scholastic-themed brew to sell at a fireworks celebration and alumni reunion marking 100 years of the institute's history.
But a concerned resident lodged a complaint to the Portman Group, Britain's independent body in charge of promoting responsible drinking regulations.
No, they weren't selling it to pupils, but had aimed it at real ale enthusiasts who it was hoped would buy the bottles during school events. Instead some bigoted prodnose decided to complain that the school crest which was on the bottle was sending out 'the wrong message' they didn't complain or take it up with the school but complained to the Portman Group who then attacked the school for doing so...
Fortunately the school headmaster has taken the correct attitude...
"One unnecessary complaint - under a code which is not legally enforceable - will not be allowed to undermine the success of the year."
In other words he's telling the busybodies of the Portman Group where to get off, which is a good thing, though I suspect the Portman Group is just another fake charity using public funding from the government to tell the government what it wants to hear so they won't go quietly into the night. Expect more of these sort of stories as social engineering goes on apace with more and more attempts to get us to be good little drones.

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Macheath said...

I've followed this up and linked.

The Head sounds like he's got the right idea - sadly a rare thing in today's educational hierarchy.