Friday, September 9, 2011

Waiting for our own Oskar Freysinger

 Or Geert Wilders come to that

The man makes a lot of sense, yet the one thing noticeable about UK politics is the notable lack of anyone prepared in politics to actually say how it is to the ordinary people on the street.
Even the 2 party system we have is more or less designed to keep things the way they always have been, maintain the status quo. To get to the top is impossible for a maverick or personality as the compromises they have to make just leave us with recently a succession of interchangeable clones. Those who don't or can't play the game by the rules are destined to fail, just ask Gordon Brown, not that succeeding would have made him any more popular, but he might have lasted longer.
Yet when you hear what Freysinger has to say, it strikes a chord in many of the people who read it and you know that if we had a UK version he would be instantly shunned by the media and written off for not playing by the rules (as the left see it) yet like Pat Condell and others he would probably be very popular with the masses.
It's a shame the system we have turns out politicians rather than people who believe in doing what's right.

2 annotations:

Durotrigan said...

An outstanding performance! But, can you imagine a politician saying that here without getting arrested for so-called 'incitement to religious hatred'?

Paul said...

The SVP are rather impressive as a political outfit, it must be said.

Their election campaign (Switzerland is due to have an election soon) is "Stop mass immigration!" with black feet marching on the Swiss flag.