Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Run away, run away!

MP's are being told if terrorists attack parliament they are to flee for their lives.


MPs and their staff will be ordered to flee for their lives in the event of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack on Parliament, according to security advice. 

An emergency plan drawn up by police and circulated to all Westminster workers informs staff that in the event of an armed attack they should head for the nearest exist, only stopping to help injured colleagues if it is safe for them to do so.
The warning, contained in an email circulated to MPs, peers, researchers, secretaries other employees, discloses that the authorities anticipate that a Mumbai style assault on the Houses of Parliament could potentially result in heavy casualties.
It advises workers not to attempt to barricade themselves into their offices unless they have no choice, adding that many lives could have been saved in Mumbai if victims had been able to flee.
 So not only run away, but abandon the wounded to their fate too. In other words act like politicians, I'm surprised that MP's had to be told to be honest.
However what I suspect will happen is that some, perhaps most people will act with compassion and with bravery despite the risks to their lives, that where possible extreme risks will be taken to get people out as well as various national treasures too. If the attack is severe enough, yes there will be casualties, perhaps a lot of casualties, but people will behave like people, some will run, some will do their best for their fellow men and women even at risk to their own lives and no amount of official security measures will prevent this from happening.
These people will be the heroes, though most will find it odd that people would think they could act any other way. I have my suspicions though that most of them wont be politicians...

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