Saturday, August 28, 2010


Travelling to work today at 5:30, I thought I saw a football supporter, draped in the flag of St George cape like on his shoulders and seemingly waiting for a lift. Thinking back on the sight, I suspect now that he was a member of the EDL and waiting for a lift up To Bradford where they are holding a demonstration today.
They were going to hold a march, but in true anti democratic form, Theresa May decided that the EDL posed too much of a risk of violence despite the fact that most of the violence comes from the middle class pseudo fascists of the UAF and militant Muslims who seem to believe that the more violent they are the better their point of zero tolerance for any view other than their own will be made, not that the EDL are saints of course, just not the aggressors in most of their past demo's.
The West Yorkshire Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison seems to have bowed to public pressure from the people living there as he was seeking a ban after considering the "understandable concerns of the community". Not it seems because he felt he couldn't protect said community, nor the march, but because he is being political in a way that his job should not permit when it comes to freedom of assembly and expression. Yes the people there might fear the consequences of the EDL holding a march in Bradford, however as I said above the real fear is that the opponents of the EDL will riot, not the EDL itself. This is, so I believe the real reason that the march was banned, the puppets and pets of state control have grown beyond the means of the state to control them, particularly under a ConDem government, though Labour itself seems to have little or no control over the vile and fascistic UAF Brownshirts either, even though they were a creation of the left.
So, the EDL have decided to go to Bradford and hold a static demonstration, something they are allowed to do (expect new laws soon banning this) the UAF are holding a counter demo along with various other groups opposed to freedom of opinion in England. I hope it passes peacefully, though somehow I doubt it will, the left have shown themselves not to be above planting agent-provocateurs in amongst the EDL ranks and are somewhat limited in their textbook responses to any situation being either shut them up or fight them (the more sophisticated types prefer to keep us down by excessive taxation, but you wouldn't catch any of them dead in the UAF). The Muslim youths I think will riot as they see it as their right to attack anyone who looks at Islam in a funny way, the police will no doubt try to keep both sides apart and blame the EDL for all the trouble, problem being the truth usually gets out (similar in a way to the so called peace fleet off Israel) where the left will claim it was the EDL until the facts prove otherwise and the left frantically change the subject.
There are some who believe that with the possible collapse of the BNP that the EDL are being groomed as the next bĂȘte noire of the chattering classes. Though admittedly the EDL's apolitical stance and genuine working class roots are making this difficult, the EDL are small c conservatives of a type who merely wish to make it known that a foreign creed (Shariah) and foreign intolerance will be countered by some of the people who live in England who do not care for barbarism or calls for them to change into something that we are not and hopefully never will be. It's interesting that it is the internationalists and Islamists who truly practice intolerance and who would attempt to prevent freedom of speech and expression on the part of the English and more interesting still that they are resorting to ever more extreme methods to try and stop this.
When they first started out, the EDL came to my attention though I doubted that they'd make much headway and I certainly didn't agree with everything that they stood for. Then I watched in amazement as the state and its hired thugs tried everything they could to stifle, smear and attack them. A quick bit of checking on their website showed them to be nothing like their portrayal in the media and on certain left of centre blogs. Gaps in the MSM reports on the marches were soon filled by accounts of what really happened and their treatment by the state and its media organs. Yes they have a problem with some of their members being racist (or tribalist) but football fans often enough are, but their concerns are genuine and haven't been debated or addressed by politicians here or anywhere. Their support is growing too as the states ability to control the media grows weaker with the rise of the internet and independent bloggers, plus people will often tend towards supporting the underdog and there is no doubt who the underdogs in today's society are, that would be the English, hated by the left and the political classes as well as the rest of the British State for simply having the temerity to be English and want what everyone else seems to get... respect. respect for their nation, respect for their past, respect for their views as politically incorrect as they may be.
The EDL are just another manifestation of this disrespect from the British state, the CEP are another, there are others, all marginalised by a state which attempts to portray the English as violent and which has attempted in the past to break our country up into regions and sublimate our national identity in that of the British one, yet sees our "British" neighbours as Scots, Welsh and Irish. They see English nationalism as a threat to the UK state, after all there are potentially 55 million of us and we dwarf the other nations of the UK population wise, there are more people living in London than there are in the whole of Scotland. So if the English decided they were going their own way, they couldn't really be stopped, which is why organisations like the EDL need to be stopped and organisations like the CEP marginalised and ignored by the British state and its EU overlords.
The next 10 years will be interesting, English nationalism whether the overt type or in the background will I believe continue to grow, if only because it is opposed every step of the way even at its most harmless in morris dancing or football supporting. Sooner rather than later it will cross to the mainstream and we'll demand respect rather than gratefully accepting the crumbs under the table, the longer however the state opposes us and the more extreme the methods used, the more extreme the version of nationalism will emerge, hopefully it will be a civic nationalism, however the way the state is treating the EDL makes me fear that it wont, still at least the EDL are currently civic style nationalists, they'll let anyone join, I hope it remains that way.

Well the demo went ahead and the usual headlines were up in the BBC.
Bottles, stones and a smoke bomb were thrown during demonstrations by a right-wing campaign group and their opponents in Bradford.
EDL supporters began throwing bottles, cans and stones over the barricade towards opponents gathered opposite Urban Gardens, shortly after 1400 BST.
A smoke bomb was also thrown over the temporary 8ft-high wall separating the two groups, landing on the ground and exploding by uniformed police officers.
And the Daily Mail.
EDL supporters began throwing bottles, cans and stones over the barricade towards opponents gathered opposite the Urban Gardens.
A smoke bomb was also thrown over the temporary 8ft high wall separating the two groups, landing on the ground and exploding by uniformed police officers.
Do not believe the reports, anyone watching the live feed can tell you that it was (as usual) the UAF and their supporters throwing the missiles and the smoke bomb, the MSM appear to be doing their usual stitch up job.

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Quodrox said...

There is a multiple agenda running against the EDL; Muslim communities are naturally in opposition to them; the Left hate them for the usual ideological reasons; and the establishment are terrified of anything that may trigger serious disorder (the first duty of the state is, after all, to maintain the Queen's peace). All of which tends to obscure the fact that the EDL may actually have a point, and in practice have no alternative but to express that point in the way they do.

Quiet_Man said...

I think you hit the nail on the head there Julius.

James Higham said...

Excellent post and comments above. Ireally wasn't au fait with the various groups but am now more up to speed.

Indyanhat said...

Good post on the EDL situation viv a vis the UAF and the muslims, there is little doubt that the EDL do not 'start' the troubles the MSM are mere puppets of the left these days!

joe said...

Great post, more refind than my own rant over at mine.

all you get from the msm is."the far right,edl"

you never get "the far left fascist uaf thugs"

Anonymous said...

I watched the news and thought that the
" innocent" UAF standing quietly was some sort of set up - glad to have that comfirmed .

The last time I saw the UAF on TV they were truly horrific, thugs and yobs the lot.
And who tips them off to the appearance of the BNP or EDL?