Monday, August 18, 2014


Well it was an emotional weekend and a few tears were shed. The Northeast has changed quite a bit over the last few years and for all it looks a lot nicer, the people remain more or less the same. There's also far less evidence of any pernicious islamic elements although we did spot one ninja in her bin bag outfit.
The ones we spoke too are not enamoured of the government or the EU though have a weird idea still that Labour are for the working class, then again it's not as fanatical as it once was as even they can see what a mess Labour made of the country.
We also visited Barnsley to see my stepson, first time I've ever been there, nice enough place and the first time I've ever been called 'cock' by anyone. Not too many islamics to be seen there either which kind of gives me a little hope that in the coming civil war (which I believe is now inevitable) that the people of England will prevail if they are pushed far enough by government of any stripe and the bread and circuses start to pall.
Still, none of this will matter as I'm bugging out complete with a nice little tax refund as I finally proved I've been paying too much despite what the bastards said. It will also be a cold day in hell before the UK government sees or gets anything out of me save a passport renewal form and the fee to get it.
Regrets? A few, mostly fear for the family I've left behind, but not enough to ever convince me to stay.
Also I'll never stop loving my England and will retain fond memories of the country I grew up in and will still cheer them on in any sporting events or endeavours if they play against New Zealand, but apart from that I'll be a Kiwi to the core, probably a lot more patriotic than the Kiwi's (though that could be difficult as they love their country in a way that our government has tried to stamp out) in the way that converts to a cause are more fanatical etc.
Tomorrow will be the last main post, though a few posts will follow as updates on how I'm doing, though I'm seriously not getting into doing a travelog of an immigrants experiences in a new land.
A new life, a new purpose and walks on the beach and in the mountains, not political blogging will be my aim.
The one bit of advice I can give? Come and join me in the England that was and should have remained.
Otherwise be prepared for years of tears and sorrow before England prevails again.

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Kath lissenden said...

It has been an utter privilege to share the blogosphere with you, I wish you all the very best in your new life and I envy you your new start.
Your right family is very important, and I can totally understand your reservations over leaving them, I left mine and am still in the same country and I find it very hard not to be on the doorstep.
But I know that they do get along just fine without me.
NZ is a whole new way of life and embracing it and making it your own is so important to making it work. Good luck and god speed in all your future endeavours.

Bill said...

Been a bit of a part time commenter but been reading your blog for years. Britain's loss is New Zealand's gain.

If you find a spare hour afore ye go have a listen to Strawberry...

Bon voyage

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Best of luck mate, try and find something to rant about down under! - take me as hand luggage.....

Laurie -10812

Anonymous said...

We have just been granted residency so my wife and I will be joining o
ur younger son in South Island.
Just the house to sell and then we are off.

Mac said...

Very best wishes for your future. You know what? It'll be good.
And you're going to stop Blogging? Yeah, right. You may think you can but it's way too embedded in your fingers my friend.

carol42 said...

My very best wishes for your new life in New Zealand. I do wish you would continue the blog and let us know how you are getting on.