Sunday, August 3, 2014

Do as I say, not as I do

It appears that there are some in the government, or rather MP's in favour of the green lunacy that is climate change and CO2 emission control, we know this, we also know that there is very much a do as I say, not as I do culture at large in Westminster.
Energy Secretary Ed Davey is dodging his own green taxes – by switching his gas and electricity supplier to a company exempt from the charges slapped on domestic bills.
The Cabinet Minister is now spared from paying the average £112-a-year ‘green duty’ added to most domestic bills after he moved his account to a firm that does not have to pay it.
Mr Davey recently changed from Sainsbury’s Energy to Green Star Energy to supply gas and electricity to his Kingston constituency home.
Green Star – which, despite its name, is not an eco-certified company – does not have to pay green taxes because it is a new firm with fewer than 250,000 customers. Its average household bill is just over £1,009 a year, compared with Sainsbury’s average of £1,264 – meaning Mr Davey could potentially save about £255 annually.
It was and is rather noticeable the number of companies who stuck 'green' somewhere in their advertising without actually being green or environmentally friendly at all, it was simply the done thing. Still you have to wonder at the hypocrisy of the Lib Dem member for Kingston in deliberately choosing a company that avoids the green levy his party is so in love with. The evidence is growing daily that climate change is a natural thing and man's effects upon it are minimal to say the least. The biggest contributing factor to worldwide climate change is and remains the sun, closely followed by oceanic currents, not CO2 emissions.
So as it's basically a tax raising scam, we should not be too surprised that MP's will look for a way to get around it, whilst naturally making sure that the rest of us pick up their tab.
This is yet another reason to never vote mainstream politics, they really do think they can take us for fools.
Sad thing is, with a lot of people they're right.

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