Sunday, July 27, 2014

The biter bit...

It made me smile to an extent the Labour Party candidate for Tower Hamlets complaining about electoral fraud in the recent mayoral vote for that islamic republic London Borough. After all, Labour basically gerrymander the entire Parliamentary process to the extent that you need far less votes to be a successful Labour MP than any other MP of any other party.
The other part is of course the hypocrisy in Labour complaining about the result when the winner in a sense was invited along with his Bangladeshi cohorts in to shore up the Labour vote by rubbing the 'Right's nose' in Multiculturalism and diversity.
The extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, benefited from “industrial-scale” postal ballot fraud and may also have been helped by “organised fraud in the counting of the votes”, according to his Labour Party rival.
John Biggs, who was narrowly defeated in May’s highly controversial election, said he and party colleagues had seen a number of ballot papers at the count where a vote for him, or candidates supporting him, had been crossed out and a different vote written in.
He accused Mr Rahman’s supporters of a “considerable amount of election fraud, principally centred around the manipulation of postal votes” and said there were “very significant doubts about the integrity of the ballot”.
The accusations form part of a damaging dossier of evidence, some of which will be submitted to the High Court tomorrow as part of an attempt to overturn the election result.
In a separate article for a local newspaper Mr Biggs said: “I remain a good loser, provided it was a good competition. But I am becoming clearer by the day that, remarkably in this mother of democracies, it could ultimately be declared that the election was bent.”
Thing is, Labour, Parliament, the Electoral Commission et al, were warned of this likelihood years ago, by the Bangladeshi government of all people who consider our voting system lax and susceptible to fraud. The bringing in of easily accessible postal voting by Tony Blair's government was simply the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake in which the supposed votes accruing to Labour went to parties supporting islamic beliefs and faith systems after Labour cast Rahman out of the Party because of alleged corruption and extremist views.
When you invite uncontrolled immigration in from areas which have no respect for the indigenous population, have a history of electoral corruption, who are encouraged not to integrate and have supremacist tendencies owing to a perverted form of religion, you're asking for trouble and indeed it appears we have it.
It's hypocrisy writ large for Labour to complain about what happened, they invited it in despite warnings and even today try to cover up their involvement in this type of dirty politics.
Yet people still vote for them believing that they support the working class, a class whom they've betrayed almost at every turn.

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