Saturday, July 12, 2014

Oh just f*#k off!

Some people simply do not get the concept of what we do with our money is our business. They get on their little pedestals to the MSN and tell us what we ought to do for reasons that mean nothing to the ones they are pontificating too. They simply do not grasp that our money is ours to spend as we want and their cause celebre is generally not something we believe in...
Middle-class families should stop buying large fridges in order to save energy and tackle climate change, a government-commissioned report has suggested.
Families could save up to £36 a year on their electricity bills by replacing large fridge-freezers or televisions with smaller appliances, according to a study published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.
The report found that the average family fridge had grown in volume by two fifths since 1985, amid a fashion for large American-style appliances, while the average television had grown by more than seven inches since 2004. It warned that the trend undermined attempts to cut carbon emissions.
The study, by researchers at Loughborough University and Cambridge Architectural Research, found that energy-efficient technology was not enough to offset the increase in the size of appliances. For example, a 52in television with an A+ energy rating still uses more electricity than a 42in model with an A rating.
Nicola Terry, a co-author of the study, said: “Why do we need a bigger TV, and why do we need a bigger fridge? I don’t understand the case, but when people go to the shop they think, that’s bigger it must be better.”
I've got news for you Mz Terry, bigger might not be better in the terms you're thinking of, but to a family a bigger tv is better, a bigger fridge freezer is better and they don't give a damn as to saving £36 a year when they know the governments green taxes are stealing £120+ from them via the energy companies.You see most people aren't interested in the energy rating per-se, they'll go by them when comparing like for like, but the energy rating is not what decides someone from 42" to 52" its the picture quality and whether it will fit through the front door and hang on the wall. In the case of the fridge its whether they can easily get the family shop in plus have room for treats rather than like my own fridge be stuffed full of beer for the weekend that I can't get my packed sandwiches easily in for Friday's shift.
Nor do people give a damn about carbon capture, they know its a scam, they know that the government via the environmental lobby are lying through their teeth anf they know that the Department for Energy and Climate Change are run by enviroloons who do not have their best interests at heart.
Finally why do people buy the biggest fridge or telly that they can afford?
The answers simple, because we can!

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Kath lissenden said...

What really annoys me is that "government-commissioned report" means that it is paid for by US THE BLOODY TAXPAYER. So effectively these idiots are being paid vast sums of OUR MONEY to tell us HOW TO SAVE OUR MONEY. What a crock of c r a p.
If the government spent less time wasting vast sums on bollocks like this maybe this country would not be 1.4 trillion in debt and maybe we would be able to use that money on vital services that are being slashed left right and centre. One wonders if these people ever really think about what they are doing before they just squander and fritter our cash.

JuliaM said...

What Kath said...

Anonymous said...

Whoever authorized this should be shot in front of his family.

Only kidding! They should all be placed in a brazen bull together.

microdave said...

I suppose it never occurs to these twats (can I use that word, Julia?) that buying a bigger fridge could mean fewer trips to the shops in their gas guzzling car...

Rickie said...

If I saw a consumption comparison in a shop beofre I bought a big fridge or big telly, I would consider that an honest bit of advice before a purchase, infact I would think the shop was bonkers with such honest and good advice because it may make me purchase a less profitable item from the shop.

Of course in blogland this advice gets perverted and bastardised as usual, twats who give advice should fuck off bloggers bleat, well bring on money saving advice because I am open to such advice.

What the fuck is all the fuss over government advice?, I can quite happily take it or ignore it!.....small telly instead of big telly forget it, but big fridge /small fridge then the savings would make me think twice.

I thought it was normal to be happy about money saving /health advice...well it is in the real world !,tis blogland thats fucked up.

Quiet_Man said...

As ever you miss the point, this advice is seriously flawed as the advisor is pushing a fake agenda.

Anonymous said...

Well said QM. That lifted my daily bout of depression somewhat - Thanks.

wiggia said...

Rickie, you must be one of those people who believes the official fuel economy figures given out for new automobiles ?

Rickie said...

The advice is simple and easy to understand, your comments are ignorant and twisted yet again.

Ranting on about people don't give a fuck about this and that....I have news for you Quiet Man, people do give a fuck about saving money and believe in climate change.

Simple advice that can be taken or on the other hand look for monsters and fake agendas yet again,at least this time it isnt Islamaggedon.

Perhaps you should look into Puritanaggeddon thats all the rage in blogland.

Anonymous said...

Rickie, you're one mixed-up motherfucker.

English Pensioner said...

They don't seem to have thought about the extra petrol consumed by additional journeys to the supermarket because the smaller fridge wouldn't hold all the week's shopping or the extra waste there would be if we can't put all the "Store in fridge once opened" items such as preserves which in my youth would be kept in the sideboard.

These idiots never look beyond the end of their noses, to use another expression from my younger days!

Edward Spalton said...

I know people "believe in climate change" aka Anthropogenic Global Warming - in spite of a balance of evidence to the contrary and that the whole thing is based on computer model predictions which increasingly diverge from reality. You only have to read the Climategate emails to realise that this emperor has no clothes.
Yet still people believe - because they want to for various reasons
A small number are making serious she'd loads of money by ripping us off with wind/subsidy farms

The people who have jobs from the above

Politicians who can vote themselves rich by compelling us to use the products of "green" companies in which they invest and hold directorships.

Many thousands of public payroll Jobsworths, like the. people who gave this advice.

Folks who, in their simplicity,
think that they can use the theory to "smash the system" somehow.

"Deep Ecologists" who actually think humanity is a"cancer on the planet" and are really the most primitive of nature worship peers.

Anybody who wants a reason for extending state control and likes bossing people around.

There are still plenty of things which can be done to reduce pollution and improve the environment in a truly evidence-based, scientific way but this religion is diverting massive resources to utterly futile projects