Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nothing will come of this, but it's fun to watch

The BBC are like a lot of left wing organisations racist to the core, they don't recognise their own racism of course as they are blinkered to the effect that you can't be racist to white people nor that promoting one group (so long as they aren't white) is wrong and in the end counter-productive as it only breeds more resentment when the colour of your skin (and occasionally gender/sexual orientation) Not that this stops them with tokenism of course, after all, everyone who complains must be a racist...
The BBC’s plan to promote ethnic minority staff is racist, a Tory MP has claimed as he challenged executives to give their own jobs to black candidates if they are so passionate about diversity.
Philip Davies said the BBC’s “politically correct targets” discriminated against the white working class, who are also under-represented at the corporation but are not the subject of diversity quotas.
He confronted Lord Hall, the director-general, and a panel of other BBC executives – all of whom are white – appearing before the House of Commons culture select committee.
After Lord Hall said the BBC must employ “as many people as possible from as many different backgrounds as possible”, Mr Davies rounded on the panel.
“I’m looking at you four – which of you four are prepared to fall on your swords and let a black person have that job?” he asked.
Lord Hall and his colleagues – director of strategy James Purnell, BBC television controller Danny Cohen and non-executive director Dame Fiona Reynolds – declined to take up the offer.
Mr Davies said: “You are going down what I personally consider to be a racist approach.
“To me, the true racists are people who see everything in terms of race when what we should surely be is colour blind. Just as it is racist to prevent someone from having a job when they are black, it is equally racist to give someone a job just because they are black.
They of course do not see it as racism, they have buzzwords and phrases like equality of opportunity, but Philip Davies nailed it, it's racism by any other name as the equality does not include the majority nor parts of the majority and therefore it's as discriminatory as a sign reading 'no blacks or Asians'.
Yet if you are going to go down this path, the best way to look at it is role reversal, if you decide that you need more ethnic minorities then reverse it to read that you need more whites and that will tell you the intent of the decree.Not that I expect a common sense approach to employment, common sense amongst leftards ain't that common. No, they simply cannot see how racist they are, it's perfectly all right for them to discriminate against white working class males (and females) because we don't count in their diversity quotas.
The BBC will ignore this of course as will the left, yet it was good to see Philip Davies pull them on it, I can't imagine they ever thought they would, it simply wouldn't have registered. Still they can of course ignore him, the man's clearly a racist and a Tory to boot...

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Kath lissenden said...

I agree 100% with Philip Davies, what these loonies miss is that it should be about an individuals ability to do the job. NOT whether they are brown, white, green, black, yellow or sky blue pink.
That said however as the BBC has been utterly ruined and turned into a biased, lying bunch of half witted morons with the creative skills and maturity of a bunch of 2 year olds, I scarcely think it would matter if they gave jobs to the PG tips trained chimps, the programming would definitely be more intelligent, less biased and far more watchable.
I daresay in due course of time when the BBC has filled it and Lenny Henry's ethnic quotas with people of colour who can't do the job but got it just coz they iz black (because there should be more people on tv and making TV programmes about ISIS, Iraq and Syria, starvation and civil war in Africa and how it's all our fault so we need to be paying for it throughout all eternity) that the BBC bias will be invisible and overshadowed by the bias of every other TV channel who will sprint to keep up with and then to outstrip the BBC in ethnic correctness. I never watch TV now, we don't even have a TV set in the house, and if there is something that maybe my cup of tea I watch on iplayer the next day at my own convenience, however this is such a rare event that the last TV show I watched was Sherlock, and if the BBC have their way and they increase the "Ethnic" quota shows like that will no longer be made. Quite frankly much as in my youth I loved Auntie Beeb it's time someone put a rocket up it , razed it to the ground and rebuilt it. The way things are going if enough Jihadists come back from Iraq the beeb could be blown to kingdom come sooner rather than later, because the government are not going to hurt terrorists human rights and revoke their passports, maybe they could arrange for them all to have jobs in the BBC and kill two birds with one stone!

Rickie said...

The problem is piss poor presenters with no charisma then rise to the top of the game.

Naga Munchetty...BBC breakfast

Gillian Joseph....Sky News.

It aint just the BBC.

It would also be nice to see some chubby weather presenters instead of anorexic lookalikes, have a you tube search for mexican weather presenters....that's the way to do it.

Able said...

Having worked, peripherally, for the Beeb, at White City, some years ago I can categorically state that the only demographics under-represented within that sorry 'institution' are 'heterosexuals' and 'non-left-wing-loonies'.

I think we should insist they 'live by their own rules' for a change. Imagine the howls of despair (and all the 'hair -pulling bitchiness' and 'caps being fired into MuFuKas') if they had to 'limit' the numbers of Gays and blacks to their actual demographic percentages in Britains population (so even by their own [very] optimistic assessments that's 3% black, 5% LGBT and 50% female). Then we can start looking at the ages of all those'presenters' too. As to requiring non-left-wingers? Well, that's at least 50% of all Beeb staff fired in one go right there.