Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Only in the UK could we have a situation where we are linked to the EU and an open door policy where anyone in the EU can come here and immediately start claiming benefits. We even put up with claimants lying to get houses and then once the truth is known still allow them to stay even though they are demanding a bigger house.
THE scandal of “soft touch” Britain has been exposed by a migrant family of 17 living in a three-bedroom house.
The super-sized Toma family from Romania were so desperate for a new life they lied so their brood could live together in one of the worst cases of overcrowding ever seen.
They claim they stand to pocket £55,200 a year in benefits while dreaming of a bigger, taxpayer-funded home. But in a move that will be welcomed by millions of hard-working families, council chiefs have told them: “You’re not being housed by us.”
The Tomas, devout Christians, arrived here from Prahova in Romania in 2012, lured by the prospect of a better life for their children. Hard-working father Mihai, 47, says he earns £1,800-a-month as an electrician.
But turned away by two letting agencies because of the size of their family, they told a private landlord they were a family of six to secure the property in September 2013.
The Council at least have told them where to get off, but I doubt the private landlord is any too pleased. Any sane country wouldn't let them in unless they had a job first, nor would they allow a migrant access to benefits unless they qualified for citizenship say after being in continuous employment for 5 years. Why should the taxpayers and ratepayers of the UK pay for someone who wasn't born here? Oh yes, bit of a rhetorical question that, it's the EU, if you offer something to your own, you have to offer it to everyone else, though few other countries seem too...
Just another reason I'm glad I'm getting out as I'm sick and bloody tired of paying for this.

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Kath lissenden said...

It strikes me as a little odd the article feels the need to mention the family are "Devout Christians" and that the father is "a hard worker" I fail to see the relevance.
If he has a job how are they claiming so much in benefits and where is the governments £500 00 a week cap in all this madness.
As there were restrictions on Romanian immigration up to January this year and this family came here in 2012 they must have had proof when coming that they could support themselves because in 2012 the UK still had very tight restrictions on Romanian immigration. So the whole story is a bit confusing.

Mr. Morden said...

I think Owen Patterson rather hit the nail on the head with his comments on DEFRA.

Here was a government department that just existed for the benefit of itself and its 'friends'. The Labour government having staked it with cronies and useless wastes of space.

Having a good Administrator (MP) in charge of such a department meant, that it had to be brought up to higher standards. The same could also be said of other government departments and the whole of government itself.

Its all a question of will. If the EU knew we were serious about leaving, and had a plan, they would bend over backwards to keep us. But because DC basically threw away his negotiating position, they can just safely ignore us.


I considered leaving and going to NZ 5-10 years ago, but personal commitments meant that idea had to be put on ice. I guess I am just have to tough it out I suppose.

But yeah ! We're fooked !