Sunday, July 6, 2014

How about good at it?

The moronic religion of political correctness is often good for the odd chuckle with well meaning dullards often tying themselves in knots over trying to appear totally fair when it comes to dealing with race/creed/gender/sexual orientation. It does become a bad joke indeed though when measures to be fair are actually exercises in tokenism. The joke totally sours when politicians promote it within their ranks and believe that the public will be impressed rather than their own little political bubble coterie. What most people would like is competence, they won't be bothered who is doing what, the criteria should always be are they the best, not are they the right gender/colour/religion/sexual orientation.
David Cameron is to reshape his top team to fight the next election by promoting a number of female colleagues to the Cabinet and sacking some long-serving ministers.
A large scale Cabinet reshuffle is being planned – most likely to take place the week after next - with several Tory women ministers being given permanent Cabinet berths.
The shake-up will also allow Mr Cameron to answer critics who say his Cabinet is too male dominated. Mr Cameron has previously said that he wants one third of his ministers are women.
He admitted last year he has not appointed enough women to the Cabinet and said his wife Samantha urges him to promote female talent.
Great, Cameron is going to turf out some senior ministers and replace them with inexperienced ones a year before the election on his wife's say so. OK, there may be some like Ken Clark who won't be missed by the likes of me, but frankly this is no way to run a government or a country.
I can only imagine his critics are in the Westminster bubble or are the Comment Is Free commentators of the feminista tendency to whom it doesn't matter if a woman is actually good or bad at something, she has to get the job because she's a woman...
I have a feeling that most people don't actually give a damn who Cameron has in his cabinet, male or female. All we want, assuming we take note, is people who know what they are doing. We may not like them, we may not agree with what they are doing, but as long as they are implementing that policy fairly and competently then we don't give a damn as to gender. It may be that some of the women Cameron chooses to promote will be brilliant at their posts, however there may just be a man who is actually better at it and a good way to breed resentment and division is to promote someone due not to their competence and ability, but due to a weird rule that they and you have no control over. I will be willing to bet though that many promoted will be completely out of their depth and will be given the run-around by the civil servants in their departments and in the current furore over a paedophile ring and Leon Brittan's claim that the documents he was given went missing once civil servants got a hold of them this cannot be a good thing.
No, what the political bubble once again fail to recognise is that people don't want their weird idea of fairness, they want (in so far as it registers on their views) competence. Fairness to the majority of us means an equal chance to try, it does not mean tokenism where someone of possibly lesser ability gets in because of who they are, not if they can actually do it.

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Mr. Morden said...

" . . . but frankly this is no way to run a government or a country."

He is not part of the EU Commission, so he really cannot be said to be doing both.

PS Louise Mensch will be pissed.

PPS And how did Lady Thatcher achieve high office, on three occasions, without the help of women only short lists and blatant sexual discrimination.

Longrider said...

Indeed so. Promotion and selection should be based upon one criterion only - competence.