Monday, June 9, 2014

We've lost control

It's something bloggers as well as other elements of the so called 'far right' have been railing about for years now. It's something that ordinary working people know about as they live with the mess it's caused. It's something that successive governments have denied even as the evidence mounted and the scandals grew.
Illegal immigration is out of control, it's bad enough that legal immigration is growing uncontrollably as well, but only one in seventy illegals are being deported if figures are to be believed.
Government data handed to the Daily Express shows 28,442 were held in Britain in the past two years despite migration experts putting the total of people here without permission as high as two million.
The figures – reporting that the foreign nationals come from 159 different countries, one from nearly every nation on earth – have sparked fresh calls for Britain to quit the EU and reclaim control of our frontiers.
Critics say the problem is the result of a soft-touch approach to immigration over decades and the majority of hard-working Britons now put it as one of their major concerns.
Newly-elected Ukip MEP Tim Aker said: “It is out of control.
"These arrests barely scratch the surface and show the Government’s distasteful go-home wagons were a gimmick and not a reflection they were serious about combating illegal immigration.
"Tackling this epidemic would be a top priority for Ukip as we are the only party that would get back control of our borders.”
The number of suspected illegal immigrants held in the past two years accounts for less than 1.5 per cent of the total number estimated by the pressure group Migration Watch to be here without permission.
The figures, which were obtained under a Freedom of Information request, show individuals from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh account for more than half those arrested.
Not only illegals, but islamic illegals too, as if we didn't have enough problems with the homegrown ones. Unfortunately the Border Agency's softly softly approach hasn't worked, it's been undermined by the previous government and from within by leftard sympathisers who don't seem to care a fig about the problems immigration is now causing the country, only that the demographics are changed to either help with votes or in the case of the leftards remove or marginalise the indigenous racist English as they see it.
Being in the EU doesn't help, the illegals simply get into some country and travel to Calais before paying up to be smuggled in, it means that with the free movement of Labour it's difficult to keep them out once they are in as they can move freely to our border. Nor does the HRA help as they often use that to plead persecution from their home country and delay the process, frequently enough vanishing again if given the chance. The scam on student visas helps a lot of them, they are easy to get and once they are in, amazingly enough a good few don't go back.
All this can be laid at the governments door, the current and previous one, their pandering to the EU and slavish adherence to the HRA has made the UK a haven for illegals as if they get in, there's a good chance they won't be going back.
I doubt we'll ever get control back until we leave the EU, even then it could take decades to sort out the mess politicians and the political classes have made of the border system.
And all the time it's getting worse...

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StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Un-monitered immigration and the creeping Islamification of certain areas of this country - Something that us 'racists' have been warning of for the last 20 years or so ! For racist read realist.....Genuine concerns have been dismissed as such - now the Government are running scared with so many concerned working and middle class folk supporting UKIP etc. Typically, Labour are now crowing about these issues when they are the ones who have allowed the fuckers to get away with it with their misguided policy of enforced multi-culturism. Islam does not want to assimilate - every day there is something in the headlines about you know what.....Islam.

Today as i write the 2 headlines are the Taliban-sponsored attack @ Karachi airport and the concerns over the radicalisation of schoolchildren in Birmingham - again Muslims and Islam.

When in Rome -

Laurie -

Mr. Morden said...

Leaving the EU will not solve the EU-Citizen problem as we will still need to be part of the EEA / Single Market.

Non-EU Citizens we still can do something about and, one thing I would like to see, is a massive reduction of people coming here from from these countries.

If you do not have high enough qualifications and the means both to support yourself, coupled with ample private medical insurance, then please do not come here. Sorry !

As for Calais and the economic migrants. Just close access from there to here. Yes, they will go somewhere else but, they will have to move. Then you close it there and so on. We have the power to do this. If the French can close its borders to sheep (BSE), then we can close our borders due to people with Scabies.

But while we get idiots like these, who will not be living next door to people who, despite being in a safe haven, still want to come to the UK. This silly bitch really does need to do some proper journalism, not bleeding heart politics.