Friday, June 13, 2014

Not our problem

Whilst the passport crisis carries on with people struggling to get out of the country and Labour blaming the Home Secretary personally for it (as if it's her job to check passports) let us turn our gaze over to those struggling to get in... illegally.
Migrants in the French port of Calais have gone on hunger strike demanding to be let into Britain.
Around 35 refugees from Afghanistan and Egypt have vowed to refuse food until a list of demands issued to Calais officials is met.
The hunger strikers are being backed by around 260 more migrants all calling for the French and British authorities to resume talks aimed at allowing them to move legally to Britain.
Hold on a sec, it's Friday so let me check my notes here..

Nope really struggling here as to why I should give a damn if illegal immigrants in Calais starve themselves to death whilst waiting for the UK government to let them in. The clue is in the word illegal of course, that plus being Afghani's and Egyptians essentially means they are islamics (most likely) and more trouble than they are probably worth.
We have a big enough issue in the UK at the moment with legal immigration and now a bunch of people want  to force the UK government and the French to resume talks (why were we talking anyway?) to let them in.
The fact that they are trying blackmail should mean an automatic NO! in the first place, governments simply cannot capitulate to blackmail or threats over issues like this, if they did it simply sets the ball rolling for the next bunch to try. That in essence is why I'm opposed to an amnesty on illegals in the country, give in once and the next bunch will pour in hoping for the same as a precedent has been set.
No this bunch of chancers are going to have to wait till the next Labour government to open the floodgates for them to get in. Or try to get in illegally as most of their brethren do...

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Mr. Morden said...

Sounds like a real nice bunch of people, don't they - NOT !!

Labour will probably be in power this time next year anyway. But if they carry out their threat, it just might be too late for them. Shame !!

And still no one is asking, what is to me, the bloody obvious question. Why do these people want to come here ? And that is specifically, HERE !!!

They are safe were they are. Ask for asylum in France and be done. They won't, and the French won't, because as soon as they do, it becomes more a French problem, as they are legally bound to look after them. They do not want to stay in France because, they know they will get more in the UK than there.

Close our ports to Calais NOW !!!

Yes, they will move somewhere else. But they will have to move. That takes time and a little more effort.

We also need to look at our benefits system. Stopping giving so much. If you give little or nothing, they would have little reason to come.

Kath lissenden said...

They are in France they are the French's problem.
If we were not part of the EU the fact they are demanding, IN FRANCE, to come here would be irrelevant because we would not be under this "obligation" banner that the EU forces on us.
If a bunch of bloody illegals want to starve themselves in France let them.
Like I should care? because I don't, if they do starve that's a few less to make their way here,
I know lets pack a few we already have here off over to France to give them moral support and leave them there.
Anyone for a large fry up? I'm STARVING.

Dioclese said...

Let the fuckers starve. Simples...

Dan said...

Under the treaties on refugees that we are party to, a refugee has to stop in the first safe country they come to and request asylum at that point. If they do not do so, then no other country has any reason to accept them, as by their actions they have demonstrated that they are not in fact political refugees at all.

This collection of twerps are trying to do an end run around this. They cannot hurt us, so they are trying to get at us emotionally. I'm with Dioclese on this one: let the idiots starve themselves to death.