Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lord Haw Haw

William Joyce (amongst others) was a wartime broadcaster from Nazi Germany who 'encouraged' the British to give up fighting and praised to high heavens Nazi victories and spouted Nazi propaganda in a series of radio broadcasts during WW2. Essentially he was a tool of the Nazi's to undermine morale and to disseminate propaganda to make it look like the Germans were winning (a bit easier in the first part of the war than the latter days)
Even today though we have apologists for foreign powers telling us that we need to accede to their wishes and roll over to give them what they want, so step forward Lord Davies, ex-Tory now Labour peer...
In a House of Lords debate, former minister Lord Davies asked the Government to remain “pragmatic” when it comes to assessing what should be run by Brussels and what should be governed by the UK.
Lord Davies, who defected to Labour from the Tories when sitting as MP for Grantham and Stamford in 2007, asked: “Will the government be guided in these negotiations by an honest and value and evidence based assessment of the national interest, and if so, is it not the case that such an assessment might well throw up opportunities for repatriating powers but equally well might throw up areas where it might be in the better and national interest for more powers to be concentrated or given to the Union or at the Union level?
“Will the Government maintain entirely pragmatic about that or will the government reject out of hand or shy away from conclusions of that kind?”
I suppose it is possible that Cameron could come to that sort of conclusion, God alone knows the boy Clegg believes it with all his heart. Yet I fail to see how removing powers from (vaguely) democratically accountable levels in the UK and handing it over to unelected, unaccountable EUrocrats in Brussels who don't have a clue as to local needs and wants is going to help anyone.
All Lord Davies is, is a mouthpiece for the EUphiles who want ever more interference in our lives by Brussels or as they put it, ever closer union. He's even reading the mood of the country wrong by spouting his guff in the face of Ukip's electoral success in the last election in that there appears to be no great desire from the British to give more to the EU or indeed remain in the EU. Nor do his credentials of leaping ship from one party to another stand him in good stead in my mind and simply confirm to myself that politicians are mostly unrepresentative of what the public want and follow their own desire to remain in power rather than resign if they are totally at odds with their party and seek re-election elsewhere.
Btw, we hung Lord Haw Haw... perhaps Lord Davies should bear that in mind.

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James Higham said...

Lord Haw-Haw - good parallel.

Anonymous said...

Hanged. We hanged William Joyce. I'm not saying we shouldn't do the same to Lord Davies, but let's use the correct wording.