Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I doubt this will change things

A government funded survey has told the political classes that they ignore the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments at their peril. Problem being that as they don't live with the people who have to live amongst the problems being caused by mass uncontrolled immigration and the debacle of multiculturalism where every other culture but the native one is prized and the native one is held in contempt by many of the political classes as racist and bigoted because it does not live as they do in their comfortable little bubble.
Politicians have contributed to a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment because of a widening “disconnect” between the “liberal political class” and public opinion, the UK’s most authoritative barometer of public opinion suggests.
Almost half the population now believes that a decade of mass migration has not only harmed the economy but undermined “British culture”, the annual British Social Attitudes survey shows.
The “persistent public anxiety” over immigrant numbers is something the main political parties “ignore at their peril”, the Government-funded study warns.
Significantly, the study — which has been charting public opinion for more than 30 years — found signs of a rejection of a multicultural notion of Britishness.
In striking contrast with a decade ago, when the survey showed rising acceptance of minorities, increasing numbers now single out factors such as being born in the UK or having “British ancestry” as important elements of “British” identity.
A decade ago perhaps we were a little more tolerant, but the determination of the thrice damned Labour Party to rub the so called right's nose in multiculturalism has stretched that tolerance to the limit. Nor does the article mention where the real stresses in society lie. EU immigration is a problem, but it's solvable by taking us out of the EU as most of their immigrants don't have UK citizenship and will have to leave. The ones that are here such as the Poles etc aren't that big a problem though groups such as Roma are a bloody nuisance. The real problem has been the governments invitation of islamic immigrants whose creed and practices are anathema to everything that Western civilisation stands for. The political classes permitted them to get away with said practices by either ignoring them or rounding on those who did complain as racist or bigoted for having the temerity to say something critical about their little brown buddies. hence we had the grooming scandals, Female genital mutilation, homophobia, misogyny, a rise in genetic defects due to the tribal custom of marrying first cousins, militantism and finally murder on our streets as this alien creed refuses to integrate and see 'us' as the problem, not them All of this was swept under the carpet by leftards in local and national government until finally they could keep their squalid little secrets no more and the rise of groups who knew what was going on and were going to fight it became inevitable.
Yet still the political classes cannot and will not change, much of what I said above simply does not affect them.
Sooner or later we'll have civil war and they will be to blame...

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Kath lissenden said...

I agree with you 100% I would however add that actually poles are a problem to a greater or lesser extent depending on the area you live in.
When I lived in the south east Muslim immigrants were very few and far between in the area I lived in fact we had none of them in the town.
The poles however were a massive problem, it was a very small town there was 1 polski schlep for every 5 other shops. The streets once clean and tidy were littered with larger cans of a polski nature, it became common occurrence to find men urinating in the streets and sometimes on your back gate. They walk around in big gangs always shouting at each other as if they were having a row, intimidating locals and pushing them into the road from the pavements. The murder rate once a 0 event increased by 500% and muggings and robbery became common place all this from Polish Immigrants. In the 2 years since I left it has got worse, they have now introduced a policy where anyone found intimidating members of the public or being anti social in the town center will be removed and banned for 24 hours. How bad must it have got for that to happen in what was once a small family orientated seaside town with a majority elderly population.
Now of course I live in an area where walking black pillar box'e are the norm, where mosques are common place and where dress up Friday and parking on the pavement so pedestrians can't use them is usual. I should tell you here too the poles are rife and increasing in our local there is a parade of less then 5 shops and yep we have a polski schlep. Just up the road where we used to live where every other shop was a Muslim shop the every other shop was a Polski schlep. S o as far as I am concerned they ALL need to piss off not just the letter boxes but the urinater's too.
I am not selective I dislike everyone the same, amazing in how just 10 short years you can take a tolerant woman who believed in live and let live and was always telling her husband at the time not to make racist comments in front of the children and turn her into a rampant racist, THEY did that the immigrants with their behavior and their constantly calling me a racist because I don't want them pissing in the streets and murdering each other on my doorstep. Their behavior is vile grooming gangs, honor killings, forced marriages , lack of any attempt to speak English the list is long and repetitive and can be equally applied to many of the EU immigrants too but you add to the list drunken brawling. Whats to choose between them really???? They are all as bad as each other where they come from is irrelevant. Some try, some integrate but the vast majority just walk in take over and poke 2 fingers at the rest of us.

Dioclese said...

Can't argue with you...

Lord T said...

Maybe it is a percentage thing. We have a lot of poles here. Several polish shops and we have few problems with them. There is even a house in our street with a couple of families in but I rarely hear any problems about them. There are also a few single mom and lezzy families as well. They are the ones we have issues with. Kids swearing and causing trouble at all hours. Polish kids are in at a reasonable time, their kids are lying in the middle of the road at 2330.

James Higham said...

They're trying to provoke civil war.

andy said...

A civil war? well no not really since they are not the same people as we are English are but I hope the fight comes soon before I`m too old to take part.
Does that make me a Nazi?
Oh Ok then.....

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't have any of them. None. Here's why:

If they are shirkers who lounge around on welfare, we don't want them. If they are grafters with skills, they will likely work for the minimum wage, and that means our own skilled grafters never get to progress beyond the minimum wage. Plus our own skivers ought to be made to accept the unskilled low end jobs. Migrants taking those unskilled jobs are making it impossible to force our benefit leeches off the dole and into the workforce. The taxpayer ends up paying twice over.


Ian Hills said...

Racism is the new black. It was the old black too, before being submerged by the equality/cheap labour brigade. It's only natural to prefer your own kind.