Thursday, June 26, 2014


Apparently Cameron is threatening consequences if J C Juncker is appointed president of the European Commission. One wonder if it will be a childish tantrum, or a right royal snit or even heaven help us a shuffling of papers during a speech.
David Cameron will threaten the European Union with “consequences” if Jean-Claude Juncker is appointed president of the European Commission.
As European leaders prepare to meet in Ypres and the diplomatic battle enters its final stages, it emerged that the Prime Minister has been warned by his Attorney General that there is no legal way to avert a humiliating defeat.
Mr Cameron is understood to have asked Dominic Grieve whether he could use the “Luxembourg compromise” to block a vote on appointing Mr Juncker to the EU’s top job, by insisting that Britain’s vital national interests would be damaged.
A source said that the Government “examined all conceivable options” but was told the Luxembourg compromise, a rarely-used device that lets member states defer European Union decisions, “is not applicable”. Kenneth Clarke, the minister without portfolio, angered senior Conservatives by downplaying their concerns.
The Prime Minister believes that Mr Juncker, an arch-federalist, will make it impossible to reform Britain’s relationship with the EU ahead of an in-out referendum in 2017. But Mr Clarke told the BBC that while Mr Juncker was “not the most vigorous reformer”, he was not an “arch-villain”. “No one knows what he’s supposed to have done wrong,” Mr Clarke added.
As ever Clark the arch-federast muddying the waters by implying that the government thinks Juncker has done something wrong and is being bullied and wrongly lambasted rather than simply what he is, a tool of the 'ever closer union' brigade.
As for consequences by Cameron, well it's difficult to see what he can do about what appears to be a done deal. Granted a lot of us would love to see a referendum with a simple in or out question but Cameron will only ever offer that if he thinks we'll vote for in as he's on record saying we're better off in. Nor can he now offer us a referendum on promised reform as the only reforms allowed will be those towards ever closer union and that as far as a lot of us are concerned isn't reform at all simply ever growing tyranny.
So expect some grandstanding gesture quietly shelved after a few days from Cameron, nothing will change and our disquiet will grow. Whether it will reach a peak, I don't know, at the moment staying/leaving is about 50/50 but i suspect a lot haven't made their minds up yet and a lot of our younger people have known nothing but the EU.
Still, Juncker may be the straw that breaks the camels back...

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mikebravo said...

Either that or, Junkers was never going to be prez and it's all a sop to give Cameron a massive victory over the eu. He can pretend to be a great statesman, fool the masses, and continue with the tory plan for secret, ever closer union whilst retaining the reins of power here.
Only time will tell.

nonoftheabove said...

to mikebravo
That is exactly what Richard North over at EUReferendum has been saying for some time.
Nothing at the eu is ever as it appears.

Mr. Morden said...

Oh please let it be a shuffle of papers ! That would really tell them.


Seriously though. It does not matter who gets the 'Top Job', the march of ever closer UNION will continue as always.

English Pensioner said...

A defeat for Cameron now would be a big boost for UKIP. They would be able to make hay out of the fact that Cameron had zero influence.

Anonymous said...

Do you know i'm not so sure that Cameron is as stupid as people think about this.
Its something he can't win, he may be a hooray henry of the bertie wooster variety but even he wouldn't be daft enough to think he could win this.

Cameron is painting himself into a corner here deliberately in my humble, he's up to something, i'm not sure what the plan is following this coming defeat, but i suspect his tailor is as we speak pressing his best Y Fronts so they can be worn on the outside.

Maybe its to try to steal some of Farage's mettle.

Maybe he's so concerned with getting re-elected that he's actually looking the justification for an early EU referendum, using this as the springboard.

Interesting to see how this pans out.



mikebravo said...

Judd old boy.

Cameron is as stupid as you think.
The only thing he is up to is pushing the tories top secret plan for ever closer union and thinking that we will not notice.
The main problem is that the voters are even more stupid than him.