Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sick in the head

The wilful evil of some of those on the left knows no bounds, they are so convinced that what they believe is right that no underhand or disgustingly barbaric act cannot be justified in their twisted little world. They in the form of the UAF (Unite all fascists?) and their political masters the Socialist Workers Party (google sex scandals to see how bad they are) have in the past aligned themselves with child molesters, paedophiles, murderers, rapists, thieves, have tried to shut down debate by violence and generally made a mockery of civilised behaviour in the UK.
At the moment though the cause celebre of the left is Ukip and the evil little scrotes have come up with a wizard wheeze to get at the political party they despise...
Ukip has been forced to scrap a freepost address - after receiving packages containing blood and faeces.
Nigel Farage's anti-EU party, which is currently leading the polls for the European elections later this month, has been inundated with packages from hostile voters.
The party used a freepost address on a leaflet for a campaign in Norwich in 2010 in a bid to drum up support.
On Twitter the local party posted a memo which read: 'You may be aware that there have been incidents of inappropriate mail items being sent to a UKIP Freepost address.
'This includes items which are prohibited (such as blood/human faeces) and present a health and safety risk both to you and our Royal Mail colleagues.
Now whilst I have no problem with Ukip shooting themselves in the foot by using a freepost address and getting bulky items and junk mail sent to it, you have to draw the line at biohazards. Only the truly sick of mind would do something like this endangering not only the letter openers, but those handling the letters and parcels as well.
Yes I'm blaming the left, the twitter trail suggests its them playing sick games rather than disgruntled Tories and it fits with the sort of spoiled brat mentality that they never seem to grow out of.
Yet the weird thing is, all the muck they throw (and apparently send) at Ukip only seems to increase their popularity, you'd think they'd learn. Though as this is the left we're talking about, they probably never will, their world is fixed with absolutes and anyone outside the vision they have is incomprehensible to them and needs to be dealt with, violently if necessary.
Still, at least they'll get a good drubbing in the Euro elections, not that it will stop their little activities, but it will give most of the UK an opportunity to let the left know what they think of their stupid little games. (as well as kicking the EUphiles in the nuts)

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James Higham said...

As usual, QM, you leave almost nothing to add.

Dioclese said...

You just might find these cunts interesting too...