Friday, May 2, 2014

No you can't

David Cameron has promised he will make sure an EU referendum takes place according to the BBC, clearly a case of big words from a little man running scared of Ukip prior to the EU elections. With Ukip running high in the polls at the moment because of the elections coming up and being seen as a protest vote against the current coagulation by those who cannot bring themselves to vote for the Millipede's party Cameron has decided to promise something he cannot deliver unless he's the Prime Minister after the next General Election.
David Cameron is to promise to "make sure" UK voters get a referendum on whether to leave the European Union.
Launching the Conservatives' campaign for the local elections taking place later this month, the prime minister will argue that this is a "fundamental principle" for his party.
Mr Cameron will say Labour "won't" deliver a referendum and UKIP "can't".
He will also argue that he has a record of "standing up" to Brussels over eurozone bailouts and EU budgets.
Councils in many parts of England will be holding polls on 22 May in England, the same day as elections for the European Parliament.
Mr Cameron, who is keen to prevent a surge in votes for UKIP - which campaigns for a withdrawal from the EU - will discuss the subject when he addresses Tory activists in the Midlands.
Weasel words as the next Parliament cannot be bound by the decisions of the previous one and currently Cameron is unlikely to be Prime Minister after the next election so this is an empty promise which looks good on paper but is essentially undeliverable unless he wins. Hence there is no 'will' make sure at all, simply a statement of what he 'might' do as we all know what a politicians promises are worth, particularly Cameron with regards to his beloved EU.
So running scared of Ukip are the establishment that amidst the smears there were some clues as to how the powers that be actually regard some of us...
UKIP voters need to be "educated" about the "lies" and "xenophobia" of Nigel Farage's party, Labour's former European Parliament leader has claimed.
Glyn Ford, who led the Labour group in Brussels from 1989 to 1993, believes pro-Europeans can "blunt" Mr Farage's victory in May's European election but only if they "reclaim" the EU issue.
His comments come in a special report written for left-wing think tank the Centre for Labour and Social Studies entitled "How can the European left deal with the threat posed by xenophobia?"
Speaking to, Mr Ford was asked if he considered Mr Farage to be xenophobic.
"Yes, I do," he replied.
"He's not the worst, the nasty people are the ones who are trailing behind him."
He added: "Ukip are the BNP without the bother. They don't have a violent streak."
Mr Ford said he did not believe Ukip voters were xenophobic, but left-wing politicians such as himself "haven't been out campaigning".
"We haven't educated people as to what they are all about - Ukip voters need to be educated."
In other words people who vote Ukip are bigoted, ignorant or thick and they 'need' to be re-educated to vote socialist/mainstream because only the ones currently in control understand the real issues of why we should have our lives run by the unelected bureaucrats from Brussels.
Glynn Ford is a classic example of how the political classes think, they know best and the rest of us should put up and shut up. The EU and the establishment including the moronic egg throwing violent left absolutely hate the idea that people have their own minds and don't fit in with their cosy vision of a grey drab future for all but those in their comfy little club. The want to educate us to see their vision despite the fact that they despise us for having the power to vote them down (but not out of power unfortunately)
In the end I doubt Ukip can win an election, but they certainly can upset the apple cart to an extent that Cameron can make a promise he's unlikely to keep and Glynn Ford can tell us all that we need to be 'educated' because we don't share their vision of the future.

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