Friday, April 25, 2014

The truth will out...

Actually the blog post title is a bit of a misnomer, there are I'm pretty sure elements of some truths that will possibly never be known (Kennedy assassination anyone?) and some where people won't believe the truth no matter what, because their god told them something else...
Still it comes as a surprise that the police are to publish a new set of figures telling us about rising violent crime after denying it was rising for years (mostly under the Labour government)
After years of 'fiddled' crime figures, new data shows violent crime increased last year and could be set for a huge surge
Violent crime could be on the brink of a record rise in England and Wales after two police forces which adopted “open” and “ethical” crime recording policies showed a 25 per jump in violence last year.
The significant increases in recorded “violence against the person” offences in the two counties - Gwent, in south Wales, and Kent - are expected to foreshadow similar increases in other forces following widespread concern about police “fiddling” the figures.
Across England and Wales last year there was a surprise 1 per cent rise in violent crime recorded by the police to 614,400, or nearly 7,000 extra victims in the year.
The jump was partly attributable to the huge increases in Kent and Gwent, but another 20 forces also showed jumps in violence, including five with double-digit increases.
Because chief constables have come under massive pressure to ensure crime is recorded accurately, the rise is expected to continue in future statistics.
That's always been part of the problem for the police, they were saying one thing and yet people on the actual ground were saying something else. They said violent crime was falling, people knew otherwise and did not feel safe in some communities. So now a couple of forces who got their fingers burnt have produced other figures to suggest that far from falling, peoples perceptions of what's actually going on were fare more accurate than the police's use of statistics and the rather novel method of not recording certain crimes to make their figures look good.
The problem they have now is that once you're caught lying, there's always going to be the suspicion that you're lying in the future. It won't matter that they were following the politically correct dictates of their political masters, they lied, they are no doubt still lying. Their hubris in deciding they knew best by not recording or downgrading certain crimes has come back to bite them, they could tell us the sun will rise in the east now and we'd still be inclined to pop outside at dawn and check.
That's why truthfulness, or the appearance of it is always necessary in the public services, sadly most of them try to cover it up to make themselves look good and this is the result when they get found out, no one believes them ever again...

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Umbongo said...

Oh dear: it seems the BBC has missed this item of news. I wonder why.

DerekP said...

The BBC has its own agenda to push onto the viewers.
On Newsnight recently Krusty Squawk and some other Lefties were pushing their stats that crime was falling so rapidly we were living in a relatively crime-free 'golden-age'.

To maintain their fantasy they had to persistently loudly talk over the one woman there who was speaking of her real-life experiences on the street, experiences which naturally did not match up with the Lefty narrative (similar to my own experiences over recent years).

Although she was a black woman it seems she wasn't a Muslim, so for the BBC that means that very much like Labour they will now treat her like white working class unless she says the things they want to hear.
(I wonder if Krusty used the term 'bigot', like her beloved Gordon Brown?)

BBC - not "hideously white" at all, just hideously Left.

Umbongo said...

Derek P

I agree with you about the BBC. Although I didn't see the Newsnight edition you mention it doesn't surprise me one whit. I hope you realise I was being sarcastic and not implying that the BBC had missed this news because it was either irrelevant or untrue.