Thursday, April 10, 2014

And whose fault was it in the first place?

Well gosh, Labour intend to do something about our addiction to cheap labour by immigrants. What they intend to actually do remains a bit of a mystery of course, the reason we have cheap labour via immigrants is because of EU laws, industrial need and Labour's ruinous policy of mass uncontrolled immigration from elsewhere.
Britain risks becoming “dependent” on cheap migrant labour, Yvette Cooper will say today.
A Labour government would create laws to stop bosses using migrants to under-cut the wages of British workers, and the “serious exploitation” of migrants by businesses would be made a criminal offence, she will say.
Miss Cooper will also attack the Government for having a “worst of all worlds” stance, in which illegal immigration is getting worse while businesses are unable to find people with the skills they need.
Last month, James Brokenshire, the immigration minister, accused better-off families and big businesses of helping to support mass immigration by demanding cheap labour and services. Miss Cooper will say: “This kind of exploitation should be illegal. But the law isn’t working. We need change.
“The truth is that, for too long, exploitation in the labour market – a cause and effect of low-skilled immigration and illegal immigration – has gone unchecked.
Words, words, words... That's all they are, the only way to prevent immigration is to control our borders, to do that we need to leave the EU. Changing the law won't change a thing, particularly for EU citizens as it's illegal to treat other EU citizens as different to your own. Changing a law to prevent bosses from paying anything but the minimum wage just means the rest of us pay more as prices will rise and no doubt companies will still take on immigrants because they are prepared to do the work as our benefits culture means that a lot of people are quite comfy where they are.
This whole idea is simply ludicrous and won't/can't work, not unless we regain our sovereignty and can act in our best interests rather than the socialist wet dream of the EU and its insidious bureaucracy.
Cooper is just spouting the politicians mantra of saying what she thinks we want to hear, if she doesn't realise there's nothing we can do about it whilst being in the EU then she's either stupid or ignorant (possibly nay probably both)
Problem is there are some out there who will believe her... and vote for them...

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Mr. Morden said...

People like these really do not like the internet and will try all they can to control it - why ? Because of blogs such as this. They hate the truth. These little people cannot bear to be shown to be the frauds and thieves that they clearly are.

Free speech and free thought is the nemesis of these Socialists, from red to blue.

The only problem is, the 'low information voters.' If only they could escape X-Factor, they would be aber to free their minds and, in time, their bodies.

Anonymous said...

Running scared eh Those safe seats are not so safe any more!

Too little too late.

Anonymous said...

One word for Mrs Balls....


English Pensioner said...

I wish I could fine some of this cheap labour to come and do some gardening. The current rates quoted are far more than the minimum wage, and it hardly requires great skill to push a motor mower round the lawn.

Anonymous said...

@English Pensioner

To cover the wage,with all its oncosts, before even charging for tools, labour at minimum wage needs to be charged out at £8.48 per hour. There is 89.7 p for national insurance and £1.083 per hour for accrued holidays.

As for the poor people of Pontefract and Castleford, their MP has shown a remarkable display of poor taste: she married Ed Balls. That alone should be enough to disqualify anyone, male or female from serving as an MP.