Friday, March 7, 2014

Well you would say that wouldn't you?

There has recently been a spate of Tory attacks on Ukip, mostly down to nerves about the upcoming EU elections and Ukip sweeping the board where Tory seats are concerned. Still this one takes some beating in the histrionics stakes...
Some members of the UK Independence Party are ‘literally akin to the Nazis’, according to a Tory MP.
In an incendiary attack ahead of the European elections, Robert Halfon said the anti-EU party had played a helpful role in ‘cleansing’ the Conservatives of people with extreme views.
Mr Halfon, an ally of Chancellor George Osborne and Tory chairman Grant Shapps, cited the example of UKIP immigration spokesman Gerard Batten, who believes that British Muslims should sign a special code of conduct rejecting violence.
Mr Halfon, who is Jewish, said: ‘To me there are two kinds of UKIP – the [former defence spokesman] Godfrey Bloom guy who’s like a cross between Sid James and Bernard Manning, and then there’s a much more sinister element, like the MEP who said every Muslim has got to sign a declaration of non-violence, which to me is literally akin to the Nazis saying Jews should wear a yellow star.
‘I genuinely find it abhorrent and frightening.’
You'd think a Jewish person would have extreme caution about citing the yellow star that the Nazi's made Jews wear as using it in this case is both derogatory to Ukip, but also dilutes the effect for Jews. Now I don't believe Ukip are right to expect muslims to sign a code of conduct, if only because their quran supersedes any document that conflicts it and the quran is choc full of violence and how to treat the infidel once you're on top.
It does seem strange that a party full of thieves would attack another party for its extreme views, most of which are misrepresented. The recent furore about a woman Ukip candidate being a case in point, trying to make her out to be racist and a bigot when at the end of the day she stuck up for freedom of choice of the individual in that people ought to have the right to refuse to serve anyone they like, it's their problem if they lose business, but underlined a basic freedom the state has removed in its desire to force us to comply with its own standards.
Goodness knows Ukip aren't perfect and some of its members are naive as well as ill informed about the EU, but the question that you need to ask is 'if not Ukip, then who?' No other political party has a hope in hell of breaking the hold of the big three and removing us from the EU.
The desperation of the Tories is evident if that's the best Mr Halfon can do....

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