Sunday, March 9, 2014

Watermelon lunacy

The Green Party in Brighton have come up with a wizard proposal to help criminals reintegrate into society once they are released form prison. They believe that having committed a serious crime that leads to a prison sentence should not be grounds for eviction from a council house...
COUNCIL chiefs have provoked fury with a “crackpot” proposal to save convicts’ council homes until they get out of prison.
Criminals would be allowed to walk straight back into their state-funded council house after serving their sentences, under plans from Brighton councillors.
They hope the controversial move will help offenders to “reintegrate” back into society, although they admit it could make the seaside town a “preferred destination” for villains.
Details of the Green-run council’s plan have angered campaigners at a time when there are thousands of hard-working families on Brighton’s council house waiting list.
It's pretty much a classic leftard move as evinced by the socialist movement in the UK where the rights of the criminal are always put ahead of the victim or in this case people in Brighton who have committed no crimes and are on the waiting list for a property.
I don't know what it is about politicians and the legal systems pandering to criminals, perhaps it's a case of like sticking to like. All I know is that it's causing people to switch off from politics if they don't move away from mainstream parties.
In a decent society you'd want to make sure crime does not pay, does anyone think we live in a decent society any more?
No we live in a society where the political classes are thieves and rogues, where the judiciary will twist the law to make sure the victims get no justice and where the indigenous populations rights are stripped away in favour of those who have come from elsewhere.
And then they wonder why people get angry and people will not engage with the system...

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Kath lissenden said...

Brighton ahhh it used to be a lovely town, till the left took over and then the left became greens.
Brighton is very near to where I hail from and I have spent many happy hours there.
It has become a laughing stock politically for it's lefttard approaches and ridiculous schemes. The price of living in Brighton is astronomical even people from London are shocked.
Brighton used to be a beautiful cosmopolitan city now it's a dump and a joke. This new scheme does not surprise me in the least. yeah why not let's have valuable social housing sitting empty full of rotten rubbish and possessions of serious delinquents whilst they sit in prison with no bills to pay and no responsibilities, as decent young families in dire need of a house wait and wait and can no longer afford Brighton's exorbitant rents meaning they have to move away taking their income and their decentness with them leaving Brighton WHAT exactly? A bunch of criminals with council homes and no jobs. What a fantastic plan well done Brighton Greens, proof (as if it were needed ) that there is no decent political representation anywhere and you really do GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR.RIP Brighton a once great town.

James Higham said...

So let's get this clear. To be assured of housing, we must first commit a criminal act ... but the danger is it will be reclassified an innocent act.