Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gosh, that's surprising... not

Getting tough is apparently not the same for the government as it is for the rest of us, in fact getting tough appears to be simply a matter of words then back to normal. Mind you, when it comes to deporting foreign criminals, their hands are tied, if only because they lack the guts necessary to remove the Human Rights Act.
Almost 4,200 foreign rapists, killers and other criminals who should have been kicked out of the UK are walking the streets after a surge in failed deportation cases.
The number of overseas convicts who are being released from jail without being deported has soared by a fifth in the past year, despite a series of promises by ministers.
More than 30 are walking out of jail and into the community every week.
Yep, they talk the talk but can't walk the walk as the lawyers will hold up any deportation for years if necessary and no doubt will even demand that a child molester ought to have his right to a family life, despite his family often enough being the ones that turned them in.
Yes the legal system only applies the laws, but often enough stretches them beyond recognition at times with precedent. Yet mostly that is down to badly written law and there's no doubt in my mind that the HRA is an unnecessary badly written law.
A society run by ordinary people wouldn't tolerate any foreigner who had committed a crime that led to imprisonment being allowed to remain afterwards, they'd be out before they'd even had a chance to place a foot outside prison.
But sadly the political classes are not ordinary people and rarely if ever come into contact with these scum.
Until we rid ourselves of the political classes, we won't get a decent society, it really has become that simple.

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Mr. Morden said...

Your last sentence sums up not just this problem, but so many of the problems we face.

These 'people' are not the solution these problems they like to portray themselves to be, they are the bloody problem !

Kath lissenden said...

And no doubt many of them will be released into the community to set up sex trafficking and paedophilia rings which is what a lot of them were bloody well sentenced for in the first place.
When you think of the sentences handed down to the Kray's! The Kray's only killed other criminals.
Yet these scum bags do appalling things and then not only do we not lock them up for life and punish them but we then allow them to stay and carry on abusing the country and the people with impunity all because of the HRA .
Politicians keep giving it lip service but doing nothing and I dare say with the run up to a general election looming the talk will get more and louder whilst the actions become fewer and further between as these wastrel loser liers canvass us to retain them in their ivory tower life styles, so they never actually have to set foot in the real world with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

This is really very straightforward.

Simply legislate that if a foreigner is making any sort of claim to stay in this country for family, asylum etc and they are serving time in prison on an offense involving violence or crimes against children, then any appeal to stay in the UK has to be settled by the time their prison sentences ends.

And if it is not settled by the end of that prison sentence then the claim to stay automatically fails, and they are deported straight from the prison.

Note please, that the claim has to be settled by the end of their sentence, not by the time they are released from prison, otherwise they are simply being encouraged to commit violent crimes in prison.

I would say, also, that should their claim to stay fail, I would like to see the little finger on their right hand amputated, to make it easy to identify them as violent people who should be stopped at our borders when they try again with different papers.

Such an amputation may appear harsh, but it is harmless in proportion to the violence and mental damage these criminals deal out.

I would be willing to consider an amputation proportional to the violence the criminal dished out, if anyone provoked by this suggestion has other ideas.