Thursday, March 27, 2014

Farage 1 Clegg nil

I have to admit I was surprised at how well Farage outmanoeuvred Clegg in the first of their debates last night. Granted Clegg put up a good fight, but his defence of Brussels was weak if only because he can't admit as to how far its tentacles reach into the lifeblood of this country. Plus on uncontrolled immigration and corruption he was on very dodgy ground.
NIGEL Farage emerged triumphant last night with a confident and combative performance in the first of his Euro showdowns with Nick Clegg.
The UK Independence Party leader confounded Lib Dem prejudices by proving he had done his homework on facts and figures and taking on Europhile arguments.
Mr Farage, establishing himself as a major threat to the three main Westminster parties, was rewarded with frequent applause from the studio audience.
And later a YouGov poll made him a clear winner – by 57 per cent to Mr Clegg’s 36 per cent – on who voters thought performed best.
The hour-long LBC radio debate – staged live in London and carried also on TV networks – was the first of two clashes between the anti-Brussels and pro-EU leaders.
Farage was definitely in character as a man of the people and if it is an act then it's a class act and he made Clegg look rather like the political slimeball he is. Farage also showed a far greater knowledge on how much the EU actually costs us and the myriad of rules and regulations that it foists upon us. The only path in the end open for Clegg was denial of facts and figures.
Still, there is another debate to go and I expect the boy Clegg to up his game. I suspect he was harking back to his performance in the last televised debates where he won the first one hands down, though against those clowns Cameron and Brown that couldn't have been difficult. If he can't up his game then his offer of a debate will have exploded in his face.
Some might say it already has...

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Kath lissenden said...

I have become so cynical about politics and politicians that I am wondering what Farage had to offer Clegg to get Clegg into the debate arena, there has to be some pay off somewhere down the line, because you see I can't believe any politician, even Nick Clegg is that stupid as to enter into a debate and go along so badly prepared thinking he could waltz in and waste Farage on the political battlefield without making himself look dumb.
surely Clegg can not be that naive and stupid can he?
He must know Farage is not a stupid buffoon, it really does raise a lot of questions about the mental faculties of our politicians if they really are this arogant and there is no pay off.

Quiet_Man said...

Well as the idea of the debate was Clegg's idea one can only imagine that he thought he would win easily.

English Pensioner said...

Farrage came out well because the debate was conducted with reasonable impartiality by LBC.
I have considerable doubt as to whether this will happen when they appear on the BBC who are probably agonising even now as to how they might ensure that Clegg wins!

Quiet_Man said...

I expect they'll do what they do for Question Time and rig the audience with leftards and EUphiles.

Mr. Morden said...

Clegg and the Lib Dims are going to bomb in the EU Parliament elections. Which is really funny, because they, out of all of them, are the most 'openly' Europhile.

So, if you are going to go down, at least you can go down fighting.

The Beeb will undoubtedly try to damage Farage and UKIP but, there is a vote on the tele-tax and they might not be so keen to show their hand.

Anonymous said...

"Windy Windmi££s" Cameron,
and "Climate of Catastrophe" Miliband
could only lose by debating with Farage.

"EU do-as-we-say" Clegg, with his EU pension and his wife involved in subsidised Green energy, did not get the full blast that Farage could have delivered - I won't itemise any of the points Farage went easy on, let Clegg worry what people are aware of.

Clegg's party has been losing in the polls to UKIP, and there will be a very clear democratic problem in the UK if the LimpDems have several MPs while UKIP has none. So the other two of the LibLabCon will be trying to big-up Clegg and do down Farage to maintain their 'party games' - I saw a small bit of news where some Labour gob misrepresented Farage as saying the EU was responsible for Ukraine's problems.

What Farage said was that the EU "had blood on its hands" regarding the current situation in the Ukraine, and anyone who is aware of issues including:
- Crimean military bases,
- predominantly Russian population of Crimea,
- Russian Black sea access,
- EU stirring
will know the EU has arrogantly contributed to causing unpredictable action in a volatile situation.
And the EU was definitely not keen on Crimea's democratic vote not to do what the EU wanted.

But this time the EU couldn't make them keep voting until giving the 'politically correct' answer!

Anonymous said...

Clegg - truthful AND misleading at the same time.
There are not 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians with the automatic right to come to the UK if they wish.

Only 28.65 million
estimated population for those countries at July 2014.

On a par with "only 2% family credits for children in other European countries" which fell down a bit as Farage said that was 45,000.

Don't worry, says Clegg, that's only 2%.

Anyway, figures below, from the CIA factbook to back up Clegg's oh-so-reassuring denial.

The EU lot must think we believe what they say, and that we're too stupid to check figures and look at what's happening in our lives.

Romania - 21,729,871
Bulgaria - 6,924,716

Total = 28,654,587

Anonymous said...

This debate for Clegg was all about drumming up the pro EU vote for May 22. This is the only reason for asking NF to debate . From his scumbag point of view I think it was a good move . He has to collar the pro EU vote . 450K French live in London for starters .