Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not too surprising

Seems that almost half of the people who have indicated a preference to vote Ukip would not under any circumstances vote for the Tories under Cameron. Nor would the Tories be able to get 40% of skilled workers to vote for them, which is a surprise as most skilled workers don't care too much for Labours tax grabbing antics either.
Almost half of Ukip supporters would never vote Tory, a poll reveals today.
It found Liberal Democrat voters were more likely to switch to the Conservatives.
The Ipsos MORI survey casts serious doubt on David Cameron’s attempts to win over Ukip supporters, with 48 per cent of them saying they would not back the Tories, compared with 43 per cent of Lib Dems.
Amid calls from Tory MPs for a renewed focus on blue-collar conservatism, the poll also found that among skilled working-class voters, 40 per cent say they would never back the party.
But David Skelton, director of Renewal, a campaign group that aims to broaden the appeal of the Tories, warned that in many working-class areas – especially in northern towns and cities – it had become ‘counter cultural’ to vote Conservative.
The point was made bluntly yesterday to Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg in South Shields, a constituency that has never returned a Conservative.
When the North East Somerset MP, travelling with Channel 4 News, asked a voter why she backed Labour, she replied: ‘Because David Cameron’s a p****.’
The woman was obviously being kind as Cameron is far worse, he's a traitor to the UK in his denial of their being a problem with our membership of the EU. Other than that the woman's an idiot for thinking Millipede E's Labour would do anything other than run the country into the ground again (and again)
Cameron has only his self to blame of course, his track record of broken promises before the election actually cost him the election against the most unpopular Labour government in living memory and his association in the Coagulation with the Lib Dems has been nothing short of ruinous with their lack of support for boundary changes, slavish love of the EU and various left wing tax and spend policies. Not that Cameron had much of a choice, he'd made his bed and was forced to lie in it if he wanted power.
The problem with the North is that it suffered from massive job losses due in part to Thatcher's policies, something they refuse to accept as inevitable as propping up industries via the state is essentially unviable. But Thatcher was the one in charge and many in the North refuse to accept what happened would have been exactly the same no matter the party in power.
Cameron doesn't even have the sense to realise that ridding the UK of Scotland would strengthen his hand, it would certainly keep Labour and Lib Dems away from the levers of power for a while. But no, he's trying to keep Scotland in by bribing them at the rest of our expenses. Still, it's counter-productive so might make them go anyway.
No, Ukip voters won't vote for a party led by a man whose word cannot be trusted, in the end, it's as simple as that.

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andy5759 said...

What is the demographic of "natural Tory voters" backing Conservatives at the next General Election?
Close to b*gger all, I think.

Anonymous said...

There is a very great incentive for CamerMong to try to keep Scotland in the UK...

If the vote were for independence, then both Scotland and what's left of the UK would be
different countries in EU terms and both would have to reapply for membership.