Monday, February 17, 2014

It's just words

Politicians will say anything if they believe that the public will respond positively too it, though I rather suspect Millipede E wishes he'd kept his trap shut about climate change judging by the amount of criticism he got over it in the comments section of national newspapers.
Still you know a load of guff is being pronounced by a minister when he says the government should stop spending aid money in richer countries no matter the cause, because not spending money and joined up thinking are not something that politicians are renowned for.
Ministers have been ordered to stop squandering British aid on wasteful projects, including climate change schemes in wealthy countries, the Telegraph has learnt.
Justine Greening, the development secretary, fears Whitehall departments, in particular the Department for Energy and Climate Change, could undermine public support for overseas aid by funding poorly-run projects in middle-income countries that do not need help from British taxpayers.
In a letter seen by the Telegraph, Mrs Greening warns ministers they risk breaching international protocols and face investigation by Britain's aid watchdog if they spend continue to spend money on anything other than relieving extreme poverty in the world’s poorest regions.
Mrs Greening fully supports the Government’s target of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on foreign aid. But the warning that some departments are may be misusing aid will bolster Conservative MPs who want David Cameron to divert some of the £8bn a year aid budget on flood relief in Britain.
Thing is I could possibly understand helping those countries in extreme poverty if the aid actually got to where it was supposed to go, but the evidence is quite plainly there that it just goes to line pockets of local warlords and the pre-existing government.
However she doues have a point on some projects such as £15m to cattle ranchers in Colombia, the world’s 30th richest country, to help cut flatulence in cows, giving aid to Belarus a very nasty dictatorship and essentially wasting millions on 'climate change' lunacy which often does more harm than good.
Aid should be by private charity, not government and certainly not government funded fake charities. Who we give aid too should be a personal choice and never never in the hands of politicians and enviro-extremists or as part of someone's pet project.
Granted I know we have legal obligations to pay out so much via the G20, but we could easily just dump the EU aid budget which is politically motivated by their own vicious brand of lunacy.
Charity begins at home, our politicians should remember that.

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Kath lissenden said...

At the end of the day charity begins at home, and if the rich western do-gooders did not keep going to all these poor countries telling them how poor they are and how much better they could do if they did it our way then they would not have such high expectations and keep expecting more and more aid and support.
What's that saying ignorance is bliss, but we will keep interfering.
Let's not also forget that many of these "Poor" and "starving" can afford expensive mobile phones (that I can't afford) and many can find thousands of pounds to hop on a boat to try and illegally enter the rich west to abuse the benefits system.
I saw a very telling picture the other day of a bunch of so called "penniless" Africans leaping off another illegal boat in Italy and all of them raising their mobile phones into the air to get signal.
All the money this country wastes and squanders on climate change bull crap and international aid could pay off the billions we owe and help those here in real need.
My sympathy river ran dry a long time ago I'm afraid, old tired and cynical now.
My daughter and her partner both work and are expecting their first baby but can hardly afford to rent a flat and pay all the required taxes and bills to start their first home together.
Rant over sorry about that but I have spent the last week trying to help my daughter organise their merger budget and it breaks my heart when they both work so hard.
They are not even entitled to help with rent and council tax till their baby (yet to be born) is a year old because "It won't count as a person until it is a year old" and their tax credit entitlement will be based on last years income when my daughter would be on full wages at 50 hours a week NOT this year when her maternity pay will be half that sum, so they will lose out there too.Makes my blood boil.
So no I have no time for foreign aid or climate change funding or any of the other rubbish we pay for it's all a privileged of the rich politicos to give away our money, if they wan't to give then let them give THEIR money privately and keep the rest of us out of it.

Dioclese said...

I have never given money to any charity and never will whilst the government takes my taxes and pisses them up the wall without asking me. To hell with foreign aid - or as I prefer to call it 'bribes'

Mr. Morden said...

Two wonderful posts that I agree with.

The tide is beginning to turn on our oppressors. I think seeing the Swiss people 'order' their Government to do something (immigration) has perhaps planted a germ of an idea in some peoples heads. All it needs is a little nurturing.

Perhaps the future is not quite so lost.