Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Delusions of grandeur

Ukip must be getting right up the noses of the establishment, no small achievement by a party which does appear to have its own set of odd balls, though admittedly actually deals with them unlike the utterly corrupt big three. They've even managed to upset some German nobody who believes that they are a threat to peace in Europe.
The rise of Eurosceptic groups such as the UK Independence Party hampers the cooperation that has kept the continent at peace for decades, Germany’s foreign minister said.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier also dealt a blow to David Cameron’s attempt to recast the European Union membership deal, suggesting Germany and Britain were not “pulling in exactly the same direction”.
Speaking on a visit to London for talks with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, Mr Steinmeier said he was concerned about a drift towards scepticism that has aided parties such as Ukip, Germany’s AfD and the French Front National, and led Mr Cameron to offer an in/out referendum.
Instead of moving further apart, European nations should cooperate ever more closely, he said, adding that history has shown that when European countries do not have close relations, military conflict can arise. “History before the First World War was a history of not talking to each other, of nationalisms which could no longer be [tamed] by reason,” Mr Steinmeier said. “These dangers have to be forever banned.”
Well I have some news for Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the peace in Europe was actually maintained by NATO and the allied armies, not the EU and before NATO the biggest threat to Europe was German militarism. The EU was never and has never been essential in maintaining peace in Europe, it was originally a trading cartel with delusions of grandeur that have sadly never died in the face of reality and now appears to be bolstered by out and out lies.
Nor would I expect if the Tories do hold a referendum on the EU and we do get the chance to leave (unlikely as Cameron will never allow it) I rather doubt Europ will descend into war, although a major European war is a bit overdue as there are too many competing national interests which the EU does not help with by attempting to suppress them.
If anything it's the EU driving Europe towards war by insisting on ever greater political unity and leaving ordinary people seething at their arrogance in pushing them to one side with their decisions.
Ukip are not the problem here, the EU is and always will be the problem so long as it attempts to try for political unity.
It will be the EU that leads countries to a European war, not those who wish nothing to do with it.

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English Pensioner said...

Over the past centuries both France and Germany have endeavoured to conquer Europe, and I believe that this desire is still within their political genes. Clearly they have decided that they won't win a war and so are hoping to achieve political control through the EU - hence their dire warnings about our leaving as this would cause the whole plan to fall apart.

Twisted Root said...

The German political class produce a never ending stream of demagogues.

The Jannie said...

Take it easy on him - he's had to meet that slimy fart Hague.

Kath lissenden said...

I was a tad concerned when I read this story today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-26019668
however I suppose all parties have their bad apples.
I really do not believe that UKIP pose a threat to peace, it seems to me it is another case of gerrymandering to scare the UK voters.

Mr. Morden said...


I am sorry, but I feel I need to correct you on one small, but important detail. The EU was never, I repeat never, " . . . a trading cartel with delusions of grandeur . . . "

Jean Monet and Sir Arthur Salter, were one of the forefathers of today's EU. The Plan, has 'always' been to create a United State of Europe. If anything, the trade bit was just used a Trojan Horse to get Member States to hand over large parts of their sovereignty with little resistance.



And it is not the EU we should be weary of, but those that we elect to represent us. Traitors one and all !!