Thursday, January 16, 2014

You presume we want to remember

The anti-alcohol brigade are crowing about a report that says if you drink just two pints of beer a day you'll risk accelerating mental decline by the time you're sixty. The report presumes of course that there are some things we'd like to remember and that we drink as it were to forget the sheer bloody mess that successive politicians and their meddling with our lives have brought us too.
If you’re a middle-aged man looking forward to a couple of pints tonight, you might want to stop at one.
Men in their 40s who drink just two pints of beer a day risk accelerating mental decline by up to six years by the time they reach retirement age.
In the first long-term study of its kind, scientists tracked more than 5,000 British men for 20 years and found heavy drinking was behind premature damage to the memory.
Moderate drinking, defined as less than 2.5 units a day – roughly a pint of beer or a large glass of wine – was found to have no effect on memory, reasoning or problem solving.
But men who drank more than 4.5 units a day – less than two pints or two large glasses of wine – suffered a deterioration in their ability to recall information, the equivalent to an extra six years of ageing.
And the decline of the brain’s ‘executive function’ – which includes attention span and reasoning skills – was hastened by an extra year and a half.
First off, despite their trotting out on every occasion, we all know that the safe units of alcohol were plucked from thin air by a panel of 'experts' because they sounded about right.
As for the rest, I rather doubt many of us would care to remember the bad things and if your memory's gone, I rather doubt you'd care anyway.
It's the usual scaremongering which along with the raising of alcohol prices by the health Nazis advising the government which is designed to try and assist the health service to the place where all the money goes to administrators and 'experts' rather than treating people. After all, if they get to a place where treatment is denied if you eat, drink, or anything else enjoyable then they'll be happy, the money will roll in and those pesky patients will be no more. (Yes I'm exaggerating though possibly not by much)
After all, they changed the definition of obese, they've changed the definition of too much alcohol and they have reduced tobacco consumption to that of flirting with demons, so you do have to wonder why they simply don't turn around and say that the health service is only open to healthy people.
Truly these leeches seek to draw every ounce of joy and happiness out of peoples lives in their never ending quest to have power over us...

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