Sunday, January 26, 2014

So don't let them come back.

The government and law enforcement are apparently worried that the islamoloons who went out to Syria to join in their civil war might just be coming back intent on jihad here. Unfortunately it seems that they couldn't even do a half-way decent job and get themselves killed over there so the government is (sort of) looking for ways to keep them under control.
SYRIA's bloody civil war is increasing fears over the threat of radicalised extremist fighters returning to Britain.
It is thought more than 200 Britons are currently in the Middle East nation.
Already this year, at least 16 people are reported to have been held as part of a new security crackdown.
They are accused of returning from fighting in Syria or attending a training camp, or planning or attempting to travel to the battle-worn country.
One counter-extremist group warned the domestic threat from Syria's war could prove greater than that sparked by British involvement in Afghanistan.
You'd think that the simple solution would simply be to revoke their passports, it's not likely we'll have any use for them in the future if all they want to do is slay the enemies of islam now is it? Just imagine several hundred of the ilk that butchered Lee Rigby wandering our streets and turning any problems they have into violence simply because that's the way they think.
Not that I think the view that this is like another Afghanistan holds much credence, it's not like British troops are fighting in Syria, but unfortunately to an islamoloon an insult to one muslim nation is an insult to all, they are conditioned to believe they are at war with everyone including some sections of islam itself. Shia's don't like sunni's don't like ahmadi's don't like druze and so on down their whole perverted religion which coupled with tribal disputes between villages essentially means that the islamic nations don't tend to be good places to live and so naturally they move out only for the next generation to try and bring a little bit of home back into the system with the same tragic results.
Truly there is no place for islam in a civilised society.

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Rickie said...

Judging by the confusion of who is who over in Syria and that the Express gives no clues whatsoever to who they are joining and fighting for in Syria why don't the potential mercenaries or even jihadists just come and say they fought for freedom and returning the country to stability.

"welcome home heroes" says UK border force passport control.

Quiet_Man said...

Neither side is what I'd term good, the rebels are just as bad as the state and neither ought to be welcome here.

Longrider said...

To the Islamoloon, Islam replaces the nation state.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"You'd think that the simple solution would simply be to revoke their passports"

Good idea, stick it in the manifesto.

Mr. Morden said...

The main problem isn't the fact that these people come back with a even more disturbed mind (warfare does affect even the most hardy), but they will in turn, encourage others to do the same and spread their mad ideas of Jihad at home.

We are at the start of a very slippery slope, make no mistake.