Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clawing back powers?

One of the promises Cameron is making is that he's going to attempt to claw back power from the EU. Many think he's simply using delaying tactics to try and delay the inevitable to when he's out of power and the next government will refuse to do sod all about the promises he's making.
So naturally the Tories unveil a massive clawback of power from the EU just to prove me wrong...
THE EUROPEAN flag will no longer have to fly outside Government departments, it was confirmed today.
The “petty” European Union regulation agreed under the Labour administration has been scrapped following top government talks.
Today Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said this was an example of the UK being able to claim back powers from Brussels.
Speaking in the House of Commons, he said: "The last Labour government signed-up to a petty EU regulation that forced my and other Government departments to fly the European flag outside our buildings.
Impressive is it not?
Top level talks were required to remove a petty bloody regulation that could simply have been overruled by our national Parliament. Christ Almighty if this is the kind of clawback that Cameron plans to negotiate on then truly we are all doomed to EU membership pending the inevitable bloody revolution.
This. Was. Nothing. It's like being sold into slavery but being told that you don't have to wear the iron collar, it doesn't mean your circumstances have changed, just that it looks a bit better to others...
If it takes top level talks to remove the obligation to fly a flag, then quite frankly the EU is not an organisation we really ought to be in. A freedom loving organisation simply wouldn't care if we flew their flag or not and wouldn't plough billions into various schemes to try and make us love them. Respect needs to be earned, not bought or enforced.
Can we just not leave? Now?

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Kath lissenden said...

I nearly picked this story today ;) but I was so "oh good lord is this the best we can do when confronting the EU's encroachment" that I felt it would be best to leave it as I felt my heart sink and my blood pressure rise.
I do think that it represents a small achievement and the fact that the EU Spokeswoman then (rather petulantly, I felt) said "well it was never law anyway" and then attempted to tell us all the EU is not that dictatorial did put a wry smile on my face because YES THEY ARE THAT DICTATORIAL and that is the whole point!
Her comment that "as long as there is a sticker on the door" really summed up the whole story petulant, stroppy, rude and bossy like a 5 year old child demanding in the street complete with foot stamping and nergh nergh ne nergh nergh

Anonymous said...

I like the way that we in Britain DON'T fly our OWN flag - we know, (or used to), know who we are, unlike the Americans or the Eurocracy. (Just listen to the way Obama sticks America/American in every other sentence - a sign of an insecure people).

Mr. Morden said...

Well, I am impressed - NOT !