Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And whose fault was that?

Millipede E has announced that he will be the saviour of the middle class, a group of people that the left are known to despise (particularly the white ones) He announced that the falling living standards we're all facing have caused problems for the middle class and that Labour will step in to help...
Labour leader Ed Miliband has said middle class families are facing a "crisis of confidence" over falling living standards.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Miliband said the economic essentials that once drove and sustained the middle classes had all been undermined.
Their children's prospects must also be urgently addressed, Mr Miliband added.
The reason for the falling living standards for anyone not in a government post being that the previous Labour government spent all the money and then to add insult to injury proceeded to borrow way above the countries means to support their frivolous administration leaving the new government with a mountain of debt and a note telling them all the money has gone...
The Conservatives said Mr Miliband had no plan, and offered only more spending, borrowing and taxes.
I suspect Millipede E was actually looking at the previous administrations record on that as it was Gordon Brown his predecessor who formulated that policy for Labour and I suspect it hasn't been ditched yet as all that Labour do is tax and spend taking money out of peoples pockets and spending it on things ordinary people didn't want.
No, the current crisis that working people are feeling is entirely down to Millipede E's Labour party and no amount of flannel or sheer gall is going to make them forget it.
No doubt much as he'd like to wish... 

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Kath lissenden said...

I agree with you 100% Millipede conveniently forgets that Gordon Brown single handedly destroyed the economy, as his party and others hailed him a financial genius, which the majority of mere mortals could see was balls.
Sadly not until 3/4 of them had incurred huge uncontrollable mortgage debt, bank borrowing, overdraft charges and credit card debts that would take many a life time to repay. However it was eventually spotted that in fact brown was a disaster economically, sadly it was way too late for many.
I remember saying to my mother at the time, "how long do you think it will be before people wake up and realise they are in fact selling themselves into debt slavery, possibly for the rest of their lives?" Her reply "not until long after the fat lady has sung".
Despite the attempts to write off a large amount of the ill advised borrowing with various legal changes ( thus losing some business a lot of cash and taking more from the already struggling economy)the damage was already done and as a result we are all paying for it now and will continue to do so for many a year yet.

Mr. Morden said...

Red Ed, has form on the rising cost on the standard of living. It was he that introduced the Climate Change Act which has increased peoples bills. He is promising an awful lot too just about everyone but, he is not telling us how all this is going to be funded.

A very dangerous man.